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31 May 2020

old town

The Old Town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is an Unesco World Heritage Site

The Lunenburg Academy was built in 1895 and still used as a school until 2012.
It is also a National Historic Site.

Although tourism is now the main business in Lunenburg, it used to be shipbuilding, with its most famous, the Bluenose, having been built here in 1921 and the Bluenose II in 1963 and the Bounty, a reconstruction of HMS Bounty in 1961.

this 1982 stamp of the 1929 Bluenose stamp shows mostly the sails, but there is lots of wood underneath.

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29 May 2020


Barcelona Lighthouse on Lake Erie   and    the McClurg Museum on the village green
Hawley Dam Falls
Grace Bedell, the young girl who encouraged Lincoln to grow a beard for his presidential campaign.

28 May 2020


1960's era postcard of Jasper the Bear welcoming you to Jasper. He was originally a cartoon character created by James Simpkins (from 1948 to 1975). He later became a mascot for Jasper National Park

27 May 2020

safely heated

Glen Motor Court. Two De Luxe Motels - 33 Units. Private bath and Showers with plenty of hot water, overlooking beautiful Lake Seneca, one of the finest scenic views in America. One mile north of famous Watkins Glen on Route 14. Recommended by AAA and Finger Lakes Association. Open All Year - Swimming Facilities nearby. Scenic Dining Room on Premises. Safely Heated. Telephone 518 Watkins Glen N.Y. inquiries welcome. Owners Joseph and Helen Franzese, Watkins Glen, N.Y.

25 May 2020


cottage country where once thousands streamed is asking people to please stay home during this pandemic.

24 May 2020

best foods

Developed by doctors at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children in 1931, Pablum was the first baby food that was already precooked and dried and ready to serve. It contains ground and precooked wheat, oatmeal, corn meal, bone meal, dried brewers yeast, and powdered alfalfa leaf, and fortified with iron.
This baby seems to like it.

photo of surprised baby by Ron Baxter Smith

From pablum, children may naturally progress to fries, or chips, as their next favourite food.
The McCain brothers started this company in New Brunswick where potatoes are the main crop. They are the world's largest producers of frozen potatoes.

photo by Rod Stears with Tourism and Parks New Brunswick

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21 May 2020


The Reinturm in Dusseldorf is a 789 foot tall telecommunications tower with a spectacular view from the observation deck or restaurant.

17 May 2020

alpine flowers

Alpine Bellflowers, Crocus, and Pinks from the 1979 series 
for the Mountain Rescue Service in Czechoslovakia
engraved by Ladislav Jirka
designed by Karel Svolinsky

The stamps are a bit busy with so much detail, but they remind of a botanist's notebook drawings with natural looking handwriting.

for Sunday Stamps - flowers

16 May 2020


It was so sad to hear of the millions of tulips that had to be destroyed because of the coronavirus.
Here, in Southern Ontario, the tulips are just coming into bloom.

15 May 2020


I have tried yoga several times. But I will never be as good as my - or any - cat.

14 May 2020


The Six Wonders of Wight
The Cowes you cannot milk; the Freshwater you cannot drink;
The Newport that will not be bottled; the Needles you cannot thread;
The Brook that will not wet your feet; Ryde where you walk

13 May 2020

Old Fort York

York Barracks, Lake Ontario, May 13, 1804, by Sempronius Stretton
National Archives of Canada

Fort York is a 43 acre National Historic Site built in 1793 and is the birthplace of urban Toronto.

12 May 2020


The province of New Brunswick has a population of around 776,800 people.
The only province to report no deaths from Covid-19.

11 May 2020

six feet apart

Ojai Valley Inn, where patrons can play golf in the backyard course. And these golfers are at least social distancing, even from the golf bag!

10 May 2020


Being born in 1900, one can always be sure of one's age.
In these portraits the Queen Mum does manage to look stylish
This Madonna and Child, titled Our Lady of the Night, is a wood sculpture by Antonio Caruso who was inspired by the baby Jesus sleeping in his mother's arms. "Mary's tender embrace, as the child rests safely, reminds us how children feel protected by their mothers in the darkness of night."
Today is Mother's Day in Canada and the US which I understand was celebrated in Spain last Sunday.
For Ana in North Macedonia, it was March 8th. Maybe next year I will remember when Mothering Sunday is in time for a mother theme.

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03 May 2020


In keeping with social/physical distancing, these scenes are all void of actual people.

The Allegro is the newest train featured for the 150th year of railroads in Finland. I could not find which lake this is the train is bisecting.

It doesn't seem like the National Parks are closed but only gatherings of 10 or fewer are allowed.

These spots all look perfectly idyllic and quiet.

Ferdinand von Wright painted this double water scene of snow surrounding a still lake in Haminalahti where his family owned an estate. 
It won the most beautiful stamp competition in 2007.

for Sunday Stamps - water