vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

31 October 2020


A skeleton of a sabre toothed cat
La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles


30 October 2020

city hall

Hamilton City Hall (Ontario)
Built in the International style it opened on October 31st 1960, it looks the same today

28 October 2020

night and day

The Wasserschloss - a moated castle in Hamburg's warehouse district. It was originally accommodation and a workshop for dockworkers but is now a commercial building.

27 October 2020


The crystal clear waters of Cyprus Lake are a little warmer than nearby Georgian Bay in 
Bruce Peninsula National Park

26 October 2020

colours of Indonesia

Medan - Sumatra
Jakarta - capital, Java
Bandung - West Java
Borobudur - Buddhist temple, Central Java
Surabaya -  East Java
Bali - the only Hindu province in Indonesia

24 October 2020

knit kit

all kitties are willing to help with any craft you chose


23 October 2020

byward market


named for Lt-Col By, a military engineer, who built the town which would later be known as Ottawa.

18 October 2020

red, yellow, orange

There are lots of fall colours in this fantastical beast 'coq licorne'. The original was painted by Jean Dallaire in 1952. This unicorn rooster looks a bit frighteningly ready for Hallowe'en!
Or perhaps you'd prefer to stay indoors and play with these Russian toys; one of which features a calmer, traditional rooster.

For some real fall colours, you could take a drive. These pom pom looking trees are shown at the back of the Parliament Buildings. One rarely sees such round, solidly coloured trees.
For a more realistic autumnal view you go for a walk in the woods where you might come across birches, like these painted by Tom Thomsom in 1915 which evokes a chilly, overcast day.
For Sunday Stamps - autumn colours

17 October 2020

16 October 2020

america's sweetheart

Born in Toronto in 1892 (died 1979)

Actress, producer, screen writer. First Canadian to win an Oscar. She was the highest paid woman in the world during the silent film era, and helped found the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

15 October 2020


The Red River Lighthouse. It was originally at the mouth of the Red River near Winnipeg (from 1904) but, as with many lighthouses, it was decommissioned (1992) and now sits at the Maritime Museum

14 October 2020

11 October 2020

arts and crafts

For wood lovers, this Yoruba man is carving a calabash, an essential multi use bowl for storing and carrying water and food. Oyo is a state in south western Nigeria.
Or maybe you'd prefer something less useful but that would look really nice displayed on a glass shelf like this delicate early 15th C porcelain container from China.
For Sunday Stamps - arts and crafts

09 October 2020


Florida's Sunshine Skyway
Longest continuous structure over water in the world. The bridge is an important link to the Gulf Coast Scenic Highway between Pinellas, Manatee, and Sarasota counties across lower Tampa Bay.

Here is the original two lane bridge opened in 1954. A second parallel span was built in the late 60s and used for southbound traffic while this span became two lanes for northbound traffic. The new southbound span was destroyed in 1980 when a freighter collided with one of the piers. The whole thing was soon replaced by a new bridge.

08 October 2020

on the lake

I can see my house from here
Things look a little different since this 1980s era view!

06 October 2020


I'm pretty sure the one 'native' was not happy about being lumped together with the other 'native'. 
So I will focus on the pink colours.

04 October 2020


Magwa Falls 4¢
Bawa Falls 10¢
Waterfall Bluff 15¢
Tsitsa Falls 20¢ 

Butterworth is in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and is where you will find the Wild Coast with several rivers flowing, or falling, towards the Indian Ocean.

for Sunday Stamps - waterfalls/rivers

01 October 2020


I'm not even sure what it is called now*, and I don't care. No matter how many times the name is changed, it will always be The O'Keefe Centre. Opened on Oct 1, 1960 and again on Oct 1 2010 after extensive renovations to restore some of the original features. Using money from the sale of beer to finance community development  was a bit controversial at the time.

The O'Keefe Centre
This modern, air conditioned Civic Auditorium built at a cost of 12 million dollars, contains a beautiful foyer, lounge rooms etc., and the main auditorium with a seating capacity of 3200, has adjustable acoustics and is designed for comfort.
architect: Peter Dickenson

*now the Meridian Centre, from the Sony Centre, from the Hummingbird Centre