vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

31 July 2023

red &white

(a subtle cheer for Canada v Australia)

-- and, it did not go well 

30 July 2023

large fish

perhaps the fastest fish in the sea, a sailfish can reach speeds of over 100km/hr


whereas a whale shark can only reach speeds of less than 5km/hr




Both like warm or temperate seas, though neither fish can be found in the Mediterranean

28 July 2023


Sacré-Cœur Basilica


the second most popular tourist destination after the Eiffel tower

27 July 2023

all the capitals

 clockwise from top left: Darwin, NT; Brisbane, QLD; Sydney, NSW; Canberra ACT; Melbourne, VIC; Hobart Tas; Adelaide, SA; Perth, WA

26 July 2023

the office

 home of Dunder Mifflin

Michael Scott, Jim and Pam, Dwight ...

23 July 2023


In 1986, the theme was Nature Conservation

this wee bird is singing over the noise of the city

In 1965, the participating countries were still using the same design, in this case "tree spring"

the font and the bud shaped CEPT is very much of its time

shades of soft (not Barbie) pink for Europa stamps

21 July 2023

a grand house


What passes for a castle in Canada, it was once the home of Sir Allan MacNab, a railway magnate and the Premier of the Province of Canada. It is now a museum with the rooms restored to 1855 design.

17 July 2023

lost river


Place de Brouckère has some of the city's most important entertainment venues. It was completed around 1870, after the River Senne was covered over.

16 July 2023



East Germany, the 30th International Peace Race

and the Olympics

some sporting activity for Sunday Stamps

11 July 2023

09 July 2023



As of June 16, 2023, Canada's population reached 40 million. In 1967, we were 20 million. In 2000, these children were putting the puzzle of Canada together.

07 July 2023

st gudula


Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudule, the patron saints of Brussels

Brabantine Gothic architecture

06 July 2023

no more room at the market

 traffic jam at the floating market

no idea how you manage to see what you want to buy, or how it gets to you, but I assume these sellers know what they are doing

05 July 2023

once there was a pier


English Bay, Vancouver once had a pier, built in 1905, and demolished in 1938

04 July 2023


 smok wawelski

A famous dragon in Polish legend who would eat people if he didn't get his fill of calves. He was eventually duped into eating poisoned cows. His cave was under the Wawel Castle

03 July 2023

hala ludowa


Centennial Hall is a sports and entertainment centre in a complex that includes the Four Domes Pavilion and Pergola  (all 1913) and the 90 metre Spire (July 3, 1948)

02 July 2023

dragons and damsels

Arrowhead  Rockmaster
Australian Tiger

Beautiful Petaltail

Jewel Flutterer
for Sunday Stamps