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03 May 2020


In keeping with social/physical distancing, these scenes are all void of actual people.

The Allegro is the newest train featured for the 150th year of railroads in Finland. I could not find which lake this is the train is bisecting.

It doesn't seem like the National Parks are closed but only gatherings of 10 or fewer are allowed.

These spots all look perfectly idyllic and quiet.

Ferdinand von Wright painted this double water scene of snow surrounding a still lake in Haminalahti where his family owned an estate. 
It won the most beautiful stamp competition in 2007.

for Sunday Stamps - water


  1. I'm in Scandinavia too - Sweden who did not practise social distancing! Did not make it to Finland however - beautiful stamps.

  2. These are beautiful stamps. I think I recognise the stone man on the first stamp, from Helsinki's Central Station.

    There is no people in my stamps either. She the stamps here.

    1. ah, yes, that would be it. I was puzzled by him!

  3. With it's number of lakes, it is no surprise Finland has so many beautiful water related stamps issued!

    My water contribution :)

  4. No people either but there are horses.
    A watery view can be seen here

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