vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

25 September 2022

sea creatures

 Four whales frolicking in the water

a whale, sea lion, sea otter, and dolphin
some graceful swimmers for Sunday Stamps

18 September 2022

houses of god

First up is a wooden church built in 1765. The Lutheran church is popular for summer weddings


Next is this Catholic Cathedral of Djibouti built in the 1965.  

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Good Shepherd  1969


Going way back in time, the Benedictine Affligem Abbey  was dedicated in 1086

three very different styles of houses of worship through the ages for Sunday Stamps

11 September 2022


Things in the world go desperately wrong when I choose a 'dark' or 'black' theme! 


have some comforting fruit

black raspberries are only available for a few short weeks in the summer



and gaze on a floral display

 Johann Rudolf Bys was a Swiss painter who did most of his important work while in Prague. He seems to have been quite partial to black backgrounds in his paintings.


while thinking about the world and the time in which we live

the colour black for Sunday Stamps

04 September 2022



 Before you know it, it will be time for Octoberfest

In the meantime, the Dragon Boat festivals are happening in September

for Sunday stamps - fairs, festivals, people having fun