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30 November 2023

cartoon animals

I had never heard of Moomins until I joined Postcrossing. One day I'll get around to reading a book (if I can find one)

another new one for me was this mole, Krtek. I have found a few episodes on youtube and was pleased to discover that it is all speechless (except for a few exclamation noises) making it even easier to follow.

sometimes, animals can even embarrass their mates


I haven't read this book, but I LOVE the film version

26 November 2023



Diwali (Nov 12/23) This year's stamps were designed by Kristine Do and illustrated by Rena Chen. It features clay pots of oil (diyas) in the corners and marigolds and mango leaves

25 November 2023

23 November 2023


As many of you will have suspected, I am a cat person. This hand painted postcard from a Postcrosser in the US is a lovely tribute to her kitty.



A good friend of mine has a rabbit for a pet.  And there are far too many pet dogs in my building for my comfort.

some pets for Thursday Postcard Hunt

20 November 2023


a ghostly Mona Lisa hovers over the I.M. Pei designed pyramid at the Louvre in Paris

19 November 2023

planes, trains, automobiles


I have shown this one before, but I like it so you're getting to see it again. It's a jet flying out of Ottawa airport in 1964.

France's high speed train, which is now 42 years whisking you through the countryside. 



and, finally, a Ferrari with Gilles Villeneuve (1950-1982)

 and, tangentially related...

A very funny man, who died far too young in 1994. Starred in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (with another great, funny man, Steve Martin) in 1987. In much less speedy circumstances, the two were trying to get home in time for Thanksgiving (happy turkey day to viridian. and Marina? not sure where you are)

16 November 2023

working dogs

 sled dogs help humans travel faster through snow

detection dogs helped eradicate rabbits and rodents from Macquarie Island

15 November 2023

upside down


At a little under 5" in length, this green parrot with a red throat is endemic to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Burma. They mimic leaves by hanging upside down when sleeping.

14 November 2023


This was my first introduction to Islamic architecture. I was 18, on a school trip, when I fell in love with the symmetry, tiles, Arabic writing... and Spain

13 November 2023

victoria harbour


Since 1888, the ferry has conveyed passengers between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

12 November 2023



In these turbulent times, here's a view of calm waters and a small boat.

for Sunday Stamps - ships/boats

09 November 2023

on the farm

New Zealand is well known for its sheep population, but that is slowly shrinking, and as of 2022, the population is 25.3 million which puts it at the lowest sheep to people ratio (5:1) since 1850 when they began keeping records

There are nine chickens that Findus is friends with on the farm. Their names are Prillan, Mathilda, Fia, Doris, Majros, Soffi-Moffi, Henrietta, Stina-Fina and Henni

08 November 2023



I like so much about this cobbled street and the buildings with the colours, the grittiness, the design on the yellow house, the way the windows open - though  am confused about how one would get into the yellow house...

06 November 2023

mother church

 of country music and home of the Grand Ole Opry


Nashville, Tennessee

05 November 2023


Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

Asterix, with a more substantial moustache



 and a whisper of a 'stache on Bob Marley

Movember started in Australia in 2003. In 2007, Canada, the UK, and Spain joined the fun charity. There are now 22 countries participating, with over 1250 men's health projects funded.


04 November 2023

03 November 2023


This little guy looks cute, but wait until he grows up... they may be an 'intermediate' between a wolf and dog.

02 November 2023

in the wild

 for Thursday Postcard Hunt

deer have perfected that 'hard stare'
and, otters have a way of looking so relaxed

Some animals in the wild for Thursday Postcard Hunt