vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

29 September 2020


based on a first edition of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne books 
the second and third books after Anne of Green Gables

28 September 2020


America's town square, Midtown Plaza mall in Rochester NY with its animated Clock of the Nations, tropical plantings, entrances to stores, shops and services. The mall is the centre of the 7 1/2 acre Midtown Plaza, the nation's largest downtown business and shopping complex under one roof.

Opened to great fanfare in 1962 and demolished in 2010

I distinctly remember visiting here, probably within the first year of its opening, so as a five year old. A souvenir model of the clock of nations was treasured for years.

27 September 2020


It is the second largest art museum in the world. In 2002 it celebrated its 150th year of being open to the public, but was actually founded in 1764 by Catherine The Great. It is, of course, the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. An exterior and interior view of the Hermitage Theatre is on the souvenir sheet  and a view of the Winter Palace from the Neva River.

For Sunday Stamps - eastern hemisphere

26 September 2020


a studio portrait
of a contemplating cat ...


25 September 2020

as falls wichita...

so falls Wichita Falls

Friendly suburban motel of 60 bedrooms, completely modern.
Radios, telephones, vented heat. Nice Coffee Shop.
We cater to respectable people.

24 September 2020

23 September 2020

hummel boys

...and a girl

Hummel figurines were first made in Germany in 1935. They were based on the drawings of Sister M I (Maria Innocentia) Hummel. Most of her art cards were of children and mostly in pastoral settings.

22 September 2020



I was suitably impressed when I discovered that my cousin used to drive through a part of Windsor Great Park on his way to work.  What a calming way to begin - or end - your day.

artist: A R Quinton
1912-early 1920s

21 September 2020

20 September 2020


The city of Guangzhou has the nickname of "goat city", which explains the goats as mascots for the 2010 Asian Games. This stamp represents Weiqi - or Go - a strategy board game that has been played for thousands of years. One of the five goat mascots is leaping over the board of 'stones' and the city of Guangzhou. (I admit that I did not realize these were goats)

This poor Moomin doesn't look too steady, or graceful, on his tiny feet.
for Sunday Stamps - motion

19 September 2020



so many books to read... it's exhausting just thinking about it.

18 September 2020

sea and beach

Fort Montegu Beach Hotel
Open Year Round
Nassau's Longest, Finest Sea Beach
Facilities for All Sports, 50 Acre Estate
Dancing Nightly, Air-Conditioned Bar Supper Club
Air-Conditioned Guest Rooms Available

16 September 2020

Susan and Frederick

The Frederick Douglass and Susan B Anthony Memorial Bridge over the Genesee River

13 September 2020

vieux port

The Old Port of Montreal is between the St Lawrence River and Old Montreal. This stamp shows a 2002 image with a corner of Habitat 67, a modular residential complex designed by Moshe Safdie for Expo 67 on the right. The Old Port is a neighbourhood full of activities from shopping, eating, river cruises, entertainment, festivals and more.

for Sunday Stamps - urban

12 September 2020

in a basket

watch those claws!

I have had more baskets than I care to admit ruined by a clawing kitty.


11 September 2020


A monument to Mikulas of Kadan, a master clockmaker who, with mathematician and astronomer Jan Simels, created the astronomical clock in Prague in 1410 seen below.

09 September 2020


Zacharias of Hradec Square, which is actually triangular in shape. The prettily painted gabled houses were an expression of the social status of the resident 16th C burghers.

08 September 2020

old school

Static desk seating in this old school house from around 1865
Today is the traditional first day of school in these parts,
though this year there are staggered start days.
I pray that things don't spiral out of control for the young ones.

06 September 2020


Although a pioneer in fashion photography, Edward Steichen's 1915 photograph of Lotus Mt Kisco New York was chosen for this stamp for the Masters of American Photography series issued in 2002
Two Shells by Edward Weston. Shells were a favourite subject and he often spent hours balancing his still lifes and waiting for just the right light to photograph them.

For Sunday Stamps - black & white

05 September 2020

pink bow

Dorothy Travers Pope (1884-1978) was a prolific painter of cats, dogs and horses


04 September 2020


In 2014, tragically, nine blue whales died in the Gulf of St Lawrence. This exhibit from 2017 tells their story with an unprecedented chance to see the skeleton of one of them.

03 September 2020


Jemaa el-Fna, the main square and market for tourists and locals alike.
Declared by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of World Heritage in 2001 for 
"bringing urban legends and oral history to life"

02 September 2020


Seven main islands spanning 24 miles
If you are bored with your home, you could apply for a one year residency permit for work, study or research. You would have a different view out your window and could help the local economy.