vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

21 February 2021


We have had a snow storm this week and now everything is covered in white. I eagerly await spring and some fresh green leaves.

This low value stamp featuring a simple head shot of the Queen also has a tree in the top left corner. Each stamp of this series had a symbol representing some sector of the economy - in this case, forestry. Apparently, in 1960, 48% of Canada's land mass was covered in forest. It seems we are down to 38% by 2020.

For Sunday Stamps - the colour green

14 February 2021

red, red rose

February is really not the month for roses, yet for many, this is the go to flower for Valentine's

o my luve's like a red, red rose that's newly sprung in June

Perhaps by June a romantic stroll through a rose garden 

with more than 900 varieties will be possible.

for Sunday Stamps - romantic

07 February 2021

horns a plenty

For the Year of the Goat 2015, from Philippines.

Plus a goat-antelope from western Russia





On the left is the world's largest mountain sheep which live in Central Asia with magnificent corkscrew horns that can measure 190cm.  On the right is a Siberian bighorn (or snow) sheep

For Sunday Stamps - animals of the Lunar New Year