vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

27 February 2022


These are indeed dark times, certainly not expected when I chose this theme.

This was my original choice for a dark stamp. It shows the Princes' Gates in Toronto, one of the entrances to the Canadian National Exhibition grounds.



But here is another, for Ukraine, showing a giant Pysanka in Alberta. It celebrates the harmony, vitality, and culture of the community.

for Sunday Stamps - dark

20 February 2022



There really aren't enough pink stamps..
Nigeria's national bird is a handsome fella, though it is on the endangered list.


For Sunday Stamps - 'N'

13 February 2022



a love letter



with kisses




are you all familiar with Hershey's chocolate kisses? not a fan myself, but Americans seem to love them.

for Sunday Stamps - love, hearts

06 February 2022

snow and ice

From speed skating (dominated in 1964 by Russia and Norway) to slalom skiing (dominated by France and Austria)


to curling (dominated in 2014 by Canada, Great Britain, and Sweden)

It was challenging to find anything not related to the Olympics, but then I remembered the World's, which is dominated by Sweden, Canada, and Finland (though it was won by Russia that year)

I can safely say that I have never participated in any of these sports.

For Sunday Stamps - winter sports