vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

31 December 2023

light up the sky

A last view of the Christmas season. I love all the lights at this time of year and wish they stayed glowing to cheer us up during the dark of January and February.

and this is the last lights of 2023 for Sunday Stamps


28 December 2023



By the time these Magi arrived, the Baby Jesus could hold up his head! As well as the expensive gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, a onesie might have been useful.

 back to Finland for some snow, or lumi

24 December 2023

snowy scenes


It is perhaps a little ironic that these snow laden landscapes are this year's Christmas stamps. All week, the news has been about how most of us are going to have a green Christmas.

 a nostalgic Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all

22 December 2023


painting by A J Casson, 1921

Not much chance of any falling snow for Christmas in most of the country this year.

17 December 2023



I know this one is a little late, since Hanukkah ended on Dec 15th. This is the 2023 edition, designed by Hélène L’Heureux and illustrated by Stephanie Carter. What I learned from the website is that this menorah is actually called a hanukkiah

14 December 2023

decorated trees

It's always more fun to have help with trimming the tree

and waking up to presents under the tree is so exciting. that grinning nutcracker, not so much

trees and ornaments for Thursday Postcard Hunt on this second week of December

10 December 2023


I love the way the light filters through coloured glass and this is a particularly lovely shade of blue

07 December 2023

father christmas

before Coca Cola decided to transform Santa into a portly, jolly old soul wearing a red suit that matched its branding, Father Christmas used to look like these cards

06 December 2023

great pebble


Formerly known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is a sacred site for the Anangu people. It is seen as a resting place for ancient spirits. Finally, since 2019, climbing the rock is now forbidden.

05 December 2023

lonely street

Elblag was established in 1237, and the Market Gate tower shown here is the only part of the original city wall (from 1315) left standing. Much of the city was destroyed in WWII and is still being rebuilt.

04 December 2023

single span

The Humber Bridge in Yorkshire is the longest single span suspension bridge in the world that can be travelled by walking, or cycling. It is 1.4 miles long.

03 December 2023


Helping to eradicate TB.  Bacillus Calmette-Guerin, the vaccine recommended by the World Health Organization to be given to all children in countries endemic for tuberculosis. It is named after the inventors Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin. Engraver Rene Quillivic.