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30 January 2022


It seems Canada Post has given up making any more Lunar New Year stamps which is so disappointing.

Thank goodness I still have a souvenir sheet (with gold foil) from the last Year of the Tiger, in 2010.

This year, New Year falls on February 1st. I have already stocked up on dumplings.

From fifty years prior, another tiger from the Malaysian state of Trengganu. This tiger features on several identical stamps save for state name on the bottom and its sultan encircled in the corner.

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23 January 2022



I like how Finland has a small map showing where the National Parks are located.
In 1949, Newfoundland and Labrador (plum colour) became the tenth province. In 1999, The Northwest Territories (purple colour) split creating three territories.

Sometimes it is good to have a map of all the islands so you can see where in relation to the others your specific island is located.

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16 January 2022



This stamp of Margaret Atwood, celebrating her 60 years of writing,  has the line "a word after a word after a word is power" from one of her poems, Spelling. The photo was taken by Ruven Afandor in 2017. The raven cancellation is in honour of her interest in birds. "In my unlived life I was an illustrator" she has said, and one of her sketches of a version of herself, 'neither fish nor flesh' is also included.

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09 January 2022



Ballet slippers with a swan reflection for the 50th anniversary of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, (Festival Hall) where one can enjoy  opera, ballet, and classical music.

A footed pot from China

perhaps a teapot?

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02 January 2022


This was the third issue for Canada Post for Eid (the others were in 2020 and 2017). The 2021 version shows the crescent moon and nine stars seen through an intricate latticed arched window.

Happy New Year to all

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