vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

27 February 2023

light fantastic

here is the bird that never flew, here is the tree that never grew, here is the bell that never rang, here is the fish that never swam

26 February 2023



two stamps (1979 and 2004) of the Quebec Winter Carnaval featuring the snowman mascot Bonhomme Carnaval
for winter or snow

24 February 2023

crimea bridge


from Ukraine (sent 4.11.22)    artist Yurii Shapoval

on this grim anniversary.  not forgetting that Crimea itself was invaded by Russia in February 2014 as was the Donbas region.

Slava Ukraini

23 February 2023

urban owl


This is a different urban owl from the one that escaped from the Central Park Zoo earlier this month. His name is Flaco and capturing him has proved elusive. He seems to be thriving in the 'wilds' of Central Park and has acquired quite a few fans.

22 February 2023



With a name like 'Aloha', you might think this motel was in Hawaii. But, no. It is located in San Antonio, Texas

NEW, and with heated swimming pool, beautifully landscaped grounds, completely air-conditioned. TV and music by Muzak in all rooms. A delightful and friendly place to relax and enjoy one night or a whole vacation.

21 February 2023

pancake tuesday


Fat Tuesday, aka Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras, makes me think of New Orleans

19 February 2023



Some of you may know this as an aubergine, but I know it as an eggplant (though, more and more, I find myself using aubergine)

an 'E' for Sunday Stamps

17 February 2023



There has been no skating on the Rideau Canal during this year's Winterlude as the ice is not thick enough. For that, 10 - 14 consecutive days of -10C to -20C is needed. Apart from a 2 day cold snap at the beginning of the month, it has barely gotten below 0C

16 February 2023



Plovdiv is considered the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe. And this ancient theatre was discovered in 1970 as a result of a landslide. After a few hundred years of use it had been buried by Attila the Hun but has been painstaking reconstructed. In the summer you can attend a theatrical or musical event. I think you might want to bring your own cushion.

14 February 2023

a broken heart

Construction began on Boldt Castle in 1900 at the bidding of millionaire hotel magnet George C. Boldt as a tribute to his beloved wife Louise. Boldt Castle was designed as their summer dream home on the St Lawrence River in the heart of the 1000 Islands. However it was not to be, Mrs Boldt passed away suddenly just months before the completion of the castle. Mr Boldt was inconsolable and immediately stopped all construction on Heart Island, leaving the property vacant for over seventy years.

13 February 2023

most modern


One of London's most modern motels, each unit has a bath, full tile shower, steam heat, cross ventilation and broadloom rugs.  Many rooms with telephone, radio and T.V.  Restaurant adjacent

12 February 2023


The Açores are roughly 1,400 km west of Lisbon, 1,500 km northwest of Morocco, and 1,930 km southeast of Newfoundland, Canada.

There is something a little unsettling to me about living on an island in the middle of the Atlantic.

An Azores Bullfinch admiring his view on São Miguel, the largest of the Azorean islands

an island for Sunday Stamps

11 February 2023

10 February 2023

09 February 2023

rest and isolation

Entrance to Ontario Hospital, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
built on 100 acres, the Hospital for Epileptics included a working farm

opened 1906
closed 1997

07 February 2023



Winter in Ankara, 1959   Galata Tower

feeling so much for the people of this beautiful country  (and Syria, but I have no cards or stamps from there)

06 February 2023



the speculaas and the stroopwafels are favourites. those dropjes (licorice) not so much.

05 February 2023

security alliance

In 1959, it was 10 years since NATO was formed.  I've always found it aesthetically pleasing that the English and French acronyms are a palindrome.  


"This treaty is not a pact for war, but a  pledge for peace and progress" Lester B Pearson

an anniversary for Sunday Stamps

04 February 2023



Woman with a Cat, painted around 1875 by Renoir


03 February 2023



St Mark's Church, Zagreb  first built in the 13th century but radically reconstructed over the centuries. The roof tiles with the coat of arms of Zagreb and the kingdoms of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia are particularly eye-catching.

02 February 2023


Little Caribou
Little Snow Fox
artist Audrey Young Oppel, 1960's children from Vancouver Island

01 February 2023


The Amana Colonies are a group of seven villages, a communal society started in the 18th and 19th centuries. And now I know where the Amana appliances came from