vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

30 April 2019

Parliament of Budapest

The building was started in 1895 (finished in 1902), and inaugurated in 1896 on the 1000th anniversary of Hungary, this is the third largest parliament building in the world.

28 April 2019

Sunday Stamps - J

2000, Canada

designed by Raymond Bellemare
based on a painting by Pierre Leduc

This blue jay was one of a set of four birds in the fifth series of birds of Canada. They are known for their loud and raucous call, though during the breeding season they are almost silent until the young are fledged.

for the letter J - jay

27 April 2019

woven map

Afghan Woven Map, 1971, Aligheiro Boetti
from Germany

24 April 2019

food truck

a satay cart
the sender didn't have any cards to fit my 'wish list' on Postcrossing, but this one is perfect!

23 April 2019


Kul Sharif Mosque

Kazan is the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan. It celebrated its millennium in 2005, which was also when this mosque was built.

22 April 2019

I like Lviv

"the gem of western Ukraine"
"mysterious and architecturally lovely, it is the place where the candle of Ukrainian national identity burns brightest and where the Russian language is definitely the minority language" ~ Lonely Planet

21 April 2019

Sunday Stamps - I

1986, Japan, insects

From 1986-87, Japan issued 22 stamps in five series of insects which included scarabs, beetles, butterflies, dragon/damselflies. This stamp from the 3rd series shows a dragonfly known as a 'common picture wing', or 'variegated flutterer'. It likes the marshes, ponds, and paddy fields of South Asia.

for the letter I - insects

18 April 2019

sunny side

The small island in the middle of Lake Bled has the Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church.

16 April 2019


a 1934 era tram in Turku, Finland

The traditional yellow colour was chosen by vote from the passengers when new trams were acquired for the popular tram line expansion.

15 April 2019

sumptuous library

I'm not sure I could concentrate on any research in such exquisite surroundings.
Inside the National Library of Finland.
Built in 1840-45, designed by architect C.L. Engel
the library's roots trace back to 1640 when it was in Turku

14 April 2019

Sunday Stamps - H

1947, New Zealand

A semi postal stamp with postage at 2 pence and a surcharge of 1 pence for charity, which in this case was for the Children's Health Camps.  New Zealand health stamps were issued from 1929 - 2016. For this issue, the statue of Eros which had recently been returned to Piccadilly Circus after being in storage for safekeeping during WWII was chosen. The fountain with Eros was unveiled in 1893 in memory of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury who, among other things, was remembered for his abolition of child labour.

for the letter H - health

11 April 2019

Puffing Billy

Puffing Billy, a narrow gauge railway line in the Dandenong Mountains near Melbourne.

10 April 2019

green eyed

Green eyed kitty, lovely kitty
Strolling slowly towards the sun
Green eyed kitty, ocean's kitty
Soothing every raging wave that comes

09 April 2019

painted monastery

A 16th century Eastern Orthodox monastery in Sucevita, Romania, with murals painted both inside and outside. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the Painted Churches of Moldova.

08 April 2019


The Atlantic puffin regains its colourful beak during the mating season which begins in early April. They nest in burrows with males spending most of their time guarding and maintaining the nest, while the female incubates and feeds the (one) chick. This is the only time they will spend on land.

07 April 2019

Sunday Stamps - G

1977, Canada, Governors General
designer: Anthony Hobbs

Issued for the 25th anniversary of the first Canadian born Governor General, the stamp shows the crown and lion from the GG's standard with the same blue background, and the names of the (up until then) four Canadian Governors General. The GG is the Queen's personal representative.
Vincent Massey
Georges Vanier
Roland Michener
Jules Leger

for the letter G - Governor General

05 April 2019

Gananoque Inn

The old Gananoque Carriage Works on the shores of the St Lawrence River was transformed into the Gananoque Inn in 1896. A fire on April 5th 1907 destroyed a third of the building, but within a few weeks the hotel was ready to re-open for the summer season.

The Gananoque Inn & Spa 2010

04 April 2019


Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna wedding in 1894.
Alexandra's wedding attire included a Honiton lace veil designed by her grandfather, Prince Albert, which had been worn by her mother, Princess Alice. She also wore the traditional Romanov nuptial crown and a 475 carat necklace that had belonged to Catherine the Great.

03 April 2019

Carrieres des Lumieres

In Les Baux de Provence there is a spectacular light show, les Carrieres de lumieres which features a different 'artist in residence' each year. This card shows the work of Van Gogh from 2008, (and who is also being shown again this year) with paintings projected on the walls of an old quarry.