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26 April 2020


The spotted dove is endemic to Southeast Asia and likes to be in urban areas. It is often poached as it is a popular caged bird, even though it does not sing. The bulbul on the other hand does sing, loudly, and prefers an evergreen or rainforest.

for Sunday Stamps - things that fly

19 April 2020

blue ice

It takes about two to three years for the icebergs to drift the 1,800 nautical miles southbound from the Labrador Current to the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.
In April of 2017, a giant iceberg reached Ferryland where Michael Winsor captured this photo.
The top stamp is a painting by Mary Pratt from 1991.

for Sunday Stamps - the colour blue

12 April 2020

Happy Easter

Poland always manages to produce some brightly coloured Easter stamps.
These are from 2011 and 2012

Have a safe and happy Easter everyone

05 April 2020


From 1969, an ammonite and some elm leaves.
Ammonites first appeared some 240 million years ago.
The zelkova could go back as far as 2.5 - 5.3 million years ago.

for Sunday Stamps - geology