vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

30 April 2023



I do like this series of Alfred, Lord Tennyson stamps with his world weary look, his melancholy deeply etched on his face

Designed by Irene von Treskow showing portraits of Tennyson with  characters from his poems. The 24p portrait from around 1888 with an illustration of Vivien from his poem Vivien and Merlin painted by Sir Edward Burne Jones. The 28p portrait shows him in 1856 with an Arthur Hughes illustration, April Love, which included some lines from The Miller's Daughter when it was first exhibited.

A full, and slightly unruly, beard for Sunday Stamps

27 April 2023

26 April 2023



The Canal Ring of Amsterdam - Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht

25 April 2023

latte art


this could be a cheery escape for a rainy Tuesday

received from Austria

24 April 2023



A Beaux-Arts railway station built between 1908 and 1911 by the same architects who built Central Station in NYC. It's still standing as is, but there are no horses.

23 April 2023



A 1960 view of the tiny village of Torla in the Pyrenees

Mt Logan, near the border of Yukon and Alaska, is the highest peak in Canada

some mountain heights for Sunday Stamps

21 April 2023

built for a ravine

 postcard from the 1970s

There is a very controversial plan to move the Science Centre from its current location in Don Mills to the waterfront and demolish this iconic building (built by Raymond Moriyama in 1969)

20 April 2023


Monet painting of a woman sitting in dappled sunlight and hopefully not getting her dress dirty.

19 April 2023


Pointe-au-Père lighthouse in Rimouski, built in 1909. 108 feet tall with eight buttresses.

A few gulls watching the fisherman...

18 April 2023



The Grand Mosque was built in 784 by the Emir of Cordoba, Abd al-Rahman I. In 1236 it became a Roman Catholic church

17 April 2023



there are those who sail and those who intend to do so, one day, maybe, if ...

16 April 2023


tulips from the States


 hollyhocks from Ukraine






  sunflowers from Poland

some flowers for spring, summer, and autumn for Sunday Stamps

14 April 2023

13 April 2023

12 April 2023

11 April 2023


for many of us, it will always be the 'Skydome', in spite of the name change in 2005

and, yes, it is shocking to see how much the area has been built up over the last few years!

in honour of the Jays home opener

09 April 2023

happy easter

hydrangeas are my favourite indoor Easter flowers, 

although a yard full of these day lilies are a most welcome sight







and, because there's always a chance of snow on Easter, here is snowshoe hare



Happy Easter


06 April 2023


 to greet you

really, is there anything cuter than a duckling?!

04 April 2023


feeding the seagulls
Famous Lido Beach Casino, Sarasota, Florida

02 April 2023



water purification


crocus, an anti inflammatory herbal plant


Eid isn't for another month, but Eid Mubarak is the message on this stamp 


some foreign languages for Sunday Stamps

... and for the Easter theme next week, which may prove challenging, something even distantly related such as flowers, bunnies, food would be appropriate