17 August 2019

102 years old

Pike Place Public Market
opened August 17 1907

"Seattleits may be coffee snobs, but they're coffee snobs with good intentions who really know their stuff" ~ Cafe Vita Public Brewing School, Pike Street

16 August 2019


artist: Victoria Kirdiy

I wish you happiness 
like sparkling dew on the flowers 
and an endless midday sky

15 August 2019


Every two years, Belgium lets loose with the begonias and creates a carpet for the Grand Place in Brussels. This one is from 2004. Each carpet is made from over a million flowers and is put together by volunteers from all over Belgium.

14 August 2019

mostly England

A map of Great Britain with Northern Ireland seemingly as an after thought (no worthy illustrated icons in NI?)

13 August 2019


There are fewer, and smaller, icebergs off the coast of  Newfoundland and Labrador, but I'm sure the ones left are still a magnificent sight.

11 August 2019

Sunday Stamps - Y

Snoopy has always been my favourite Peanuts character — doing his happy dance, or as the WWI Flying Ace on his Sopwith Camel biplane/doghouse. Snoopy began his fantasy career as a fighter pilot in 1965. I always thought his scarf was red (as it is usually shown), but this 2001 stamp has him bedecked in yellow.

And, as a bonus (while researching the colour of his scarf) it seems that during a story line from August 7-10, 1968, for the one and only time, it was revealed to be Snoopy's birthday!

August 10th

His first appearance was in October 1950, and he would have been about a year old then, so by now would be an astounding 70  — or 490 dog  — years old this weekend.

for the letter Y - yellow

10 August 2019

Red Square

around 1910
It was not a World Heritage Site when this photo was taken. Not sure if the cobbles are still there.

09 August 2019


A colonial style luxury hotel  that is now a National Monument of Singapore

07 August 2019

quidi vidi

Now a neighbourhood of St John's, it was once an historic fishing village.
The big green building is a major attraction - it's the Quidi Vidi Brewery
As an aside, Quidi Vidi Lake is where the annual Royal St John's Regatta takes place on the first Wednesday of August. Last year, it celebrated its 200th anniversary. It is a civic holiday in NL.

06 August 2019


What this card doesn't mention is that it is, if not the most, then one of the most photographed lakes in Canada.

04 August 2019

Sunday Stamps - X

These are plants that have adapted to live in desert conditions. Cacti are probably the most well known  plants used in xeriscaping — dry landscaping — but we also have the agave from which we can get tequila. The saguaro can grow to 40 feet (12 metres) tall whereas the beavertail cactus (which I know as a prickly pear cactus) is only about 2 - 15 inches (70 - 400 mm). The last one is a barrel cactus which is known to sometimes fall over because it grows based on sun orientation, though as it tilts towards the southwest it can also be a compass guide for travellers. 

for the letter X - xeric (dry)

If anyone has a special topical that they collect, let me know and it can be included in our new round of themes, starting August 25th.

02 August 2019


Herdwick sheep are native to the Lake District in Cumbria. Beatrix Potter is known to have helped bring the breed out from its threatened status by buying up fell farms and carefully breeding the sheep.
It was James Rebanks who taught the world of life as a shepherd in the fells through his book (Herdwick Shephard) and twitter account (herdyshepherd1)

01 August 2019


They were the photoshopped cards of the day a hundred years ago.
Tall tale postcards were popular until around the First World War. The majority of these cards came from rural areas — with food specific to the region as the most common subject — as a humorous way to entice people to visit and perhaps settle in this area of such great abundance. Hence Iowa corn.