vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

29 June 2014

a big bull

sent 1951, Orlando Florida to Walkerton Ontario
"Emperor" Grand Champion Brahma Bull of Florida bred, and raised on Heart-Bar Ranch between Kissimmee and St Cloud Fla. Weight 1800 lbs.

Dear Folks,,
arrived at Orlando on Tuesday, it is a very beautifulcity. it is about 72 degrees today. Miet says to tell you this is the kind they grow down here. Wish you and Lettie were here too. We are at a court outside of Orlando, one room and bath it is very nice. Everyone around here is so friendly, Bye now L & M

28 June 2014


Santa Fe's "Super Chief" traveling thru the Orange Groves, California
One of the Santa Fe's great fleet of streamliners with gleaming steel coaches, drawn by 1800 H.P.  Diesel-electric locomotives, passing through the Orange Groves of California. 39 ¾ hours from Chicago.
unsent circa 1940

26 June 2014

23 June 2014

desert wildlife

sent March 29 1961 Tucson Ariz to Harrisburg Penn

Dearest Grandson,
How are you all? I have been gone over a month 
and I have not heard a word from home. Write me a letter. 
I will be coming home before long. Love Grandma

22 June 2014

family room

sent April 24, 1957  Buffalo NY to Hamilton Ont
Peace Bridge Motel, family room for as many as five people
Buffalo, N.Y.

Over here from to-day until Thurs, 
and then up to Burlington for the weekend.
 At this motel. Nancy Spratt

21 June 2014


unsent, 1978
Courtyard of Vaduz Castle.

Although the castle is not open to tourists, glimpses inside are provided by a few postcards. This stamp is part of the "Residence Set" issued in 1978 to commemorate the 40th  anniversary of the Reign of Prince Franz Josef II.

20 June 2014

Rose Garden

sent June 21, 1947, Hershey Pennsylvania to Akron Ohio
short and simple message: Were here yesterday, L & E

On days when the water is still the pool of the Hershey Rose Garden reflect the various colours of the Roses of the World. The hershey Rose Garden contains more than 30,000 rose plants of over 700 distinct varieties in bloom from June to frost time.

17 June 2014

16 June 2014

Mississippi River

vintage, received 2014
The Mississippi River and Prairie du Chien
Wisconsin, from Pike's Peak State Park,
McGregor, Iowa
The Bluff was named for the 
Early American Explorer 
Lt. Zebulon Pike who visited it 
during one of his explorations.

12 June 2014

McGill Metro Station

La Station de Métro McGill
sent, circa 1984

The McGill Metro Station. A fast, quiet efficient means of communication in this vast Canadian city enables visitors to travel on rubber-wheel comfort.
Photo by Dick Smith

Named for McGill University, it opened in 1966 and until 2002 was the busiest station in the network (it's now the second busiest of the 68 stations with over 10 million passengers a year). The maximum speed of the trains is 72km/hr. On the right platform can be seen the five stained glass murals by Nicholas Sollogoub, depicting Montreal scenes from 1830.

11 June 2014

Royal York Hotel

unsent, circa 1930s
Royal York Hotel, Toronto, opened 85 years ago today

10 June 2014

crossing the plains

Typifying "Mormon" Pioneers Crossing the Plains en route to Salt Lake City
unsent, circa 1946
Curt Teich Art-Colortone

The Hand-cart migration was a distinct movement in western pioneer travel. From 1856 to 1861, nearly 4000 people crossed the plains on foot. Men and women pushed or pulled their Hand-carts for 1000 miles west of the Missouri River, intent on finding a haven for religious freedom. Every company was under the direction of a captain or leader and was well organized. The Hand-cart companies brought to the State artisans, traders, agriculturalists, blacksmiths, and men learned in the professions. While the hardships were many, the Hand-cart migration stands out as one of the greatest economic and social factors in the History of Utah.
You are invited to attend Utah's Centennial in 1947.

09 June 2014

trailer park

unsent, circa 1930s
aerial view Municipal Trailer Park, Tampa, Florida

08 June 2014


sent 1956, Chicago to Newark
Curt Teich
Lovely time in Chicago, weather cool but sunny. Had a pleasant drive (illegible) ... will spend four days in Niagara Falls and Rochester before coming home. Hope all is well, M & T

07 June 2014

Conway Castle

circa 1910?
sent to Brighton, England. illegible, no stamp
Conway Castle by Elmer Keene

06 June 2014


in honour of the RCMP Officers shot in Moncton NB, June 4, 2014
three were killed Wednesday evening after responding to a call 
about a man walking down the street with firearms, two other officers were injured

05 June 2014


The Pier at Eastbourne, East Sussex built 1870 - card sent 1926
At 1000' long, the pier, designed by Eugenius Birch, was built as a promenade with six small kiosks along its length, and a pair of tollbooths at the entrance. At the time this card was sent there would have been a music pavilion, camera obscura, and two saloons. During the Second World War, part of the decking was removed and machine gun platforms were installed in the theatre. Various traditional theatres were built over the years, but after the last one was destroyed by fire in 1970 it was replaced by an amusement arcade.

04 June 2014