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29 September 2023


This was filed under hospitals, and with a name like "Waverley Hydropathic" that sounds a reasonable assumption. But, with a little research, it turns out this is actually a hotel with a golf course. First mentioned in 1905.

I even accidentally bought two!


It is now a bespoke hotel. Guests enjoy wonderful views of the Eildon Hills, with plenty of opportunities for walks down to the River Tweed. Waverley Castle Hotel, Melrose is the ideal place to unwind, rejuvenate and explore a historic and fascinating area of Scotland, 38 miles south of Edinburgh and close to the border with England.

The hotel has 77 comfortable, well-appointed bedrooms, with facilities such as a flat-screen TV, en-suite bathroom, hairdryer, desk and housekeeping services. Choose from a range of single, double and twin rooms. Larger rooms are also available on request.

28 September 2023


The most iconic of them all, I think.

Construction started in 1959 and it was finally opened in 1973

From the modern to a more classical design.  Also known as Palais Garnier, it was constructed between 1861 and 1875.  You may know it from the Gaston Leroux book (and musical) Phantom of the Opera

I have thoroughly enjoyed The Met: Live in HD series at the cinema over the years, and on a one time visit to NYC, managed to get rush seating (it was thrilling!).  The Lincoln Centre was built in 1966

The Oslo Opera House (2008) was the largest cultural building constructed in Norway since 1300. Unlike The Sydney Opera House, it was completed ahead of schedule and under budget!  Instead of 'sails', it has a flat 'iceberg' design which is not so obvious in this postcard.

some performing arts theatres for Thursday Postcard Hunt 

27 September 2023

lying in


This particular hospital was added to my collection in part because of the name - Lying-in Hospital.  When it opened in 1931, it was described as "the most beautiful hospital in the world, and it stands as a monument to childbearing women and to the dignity of obstetrics."

26 September 2023


I have found a new topic to collect - hospitals! Mostly because of their architecture. Yesterday, I showed the very large Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. This is a much smaller Toronto General Hospital, located at 101 College Street in Toronto and built in 1919. It is still standing and since 2005 has been used as offices for MaRS (Medical and Related Sciences)

25 September 2023

teaching hospital

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, 168th Street, NYC, Opened in 1928, it was the first to combine research, teaching, and patient care.

24 September 2023



Insects are not a favourite of mine, though I appreciate their benefits. And wasps are definitely not a favourite, but then you get a close up look at this little beauty, which does not sting!  They can be found in the UK and Ireland, Europe to Russia and on to China and Japan.  As is evident in this stamp, the wasp has metallic, iridescent colouration  and big, bulging compound eyes.

a rather pretty insect for Sunday Stamps

22 September 2023


 this is neither the Solheim, nor the Ryder Cup

which is in my tv viewing line up, but was issued in 2004 for the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Open. The stamps are the actual size of a golf ball and even has dimpled edges.

21 September 2023

fun for kids

 how about a whole museum dedicated to play (Vagos, Portugal)

and what kid doesn't love chocolate?

and at the end of the day - a swim in the hotel pool!

they've been entertained, fed, and exercised
some fun for kids for Thursday Postcard Hunt

20 September 2023



                                             not so cute

19 September 2023

18 September 2023

17 September 2023

national museum


Dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights. Designed by Antoine Predock, the Museum for Human Rights opened in Winnipeg on September 20, 2014.

just for fun, there is a time lapse video of the construction

a piece of modern architecture for Sunday Stamps

15 September 2023

14 September 2023

castles, palaces

 Hluboká Castle was extensively renovated in the style of Windsor Castle after a visit to Queen Victoria's coronation by the last owners, the Schwarzenbergs. It has 140 rooms and 11 towers. Like Windsor Castle, the grounds are free to visit and wander through.

And, speaking of Windsor Castle

It is the largest and oldest occupied working palace in Europe (since 1100). It has survived sieges of the 12th and 13th century, the Civil War in the 17th century, neglect during the 18th century, and a fire in the 20th century.

for Thursday Postcard Hunt

13 September 2023

11 September 2023



 More devastating news, this time out of Morocco...

10 September 2023

scenic highways

The Dempster Highway links southern Yukon to the Mackenzie Delta in the Northwest Territories.  It is the only public road in North America to cross the Arctic Circle.

The River Valley Scenic Drive in New Brunswick, on the east coast.  This part of the Trans Canada Highway runs between two Rivers - The Madawaska and the St John.

some roads for Sunday Stamps

07 September 2023


There is one thing I most admire about the US - it has excellent National Parks. This particular one is along the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia (75 miles from Washington D.C.) and has 500 miles of trails. As the postcard shows, it is famed for its waterfalls, bird watching and deer. The name Shenandoah may or may not mean "beautiful daughter of the stars"

Germany has an island garden in Lake Constance. Apart from several gardens, there is also a palm house, butterfly house, and a baroque palace. The history of the garden is quite interesting - and goes back to Teutonic times.

In The Netherlands, you can find the Keukenhof, truly the most beautiful spring garden in the world. But you must plan your trip - it's only open for 60 days of the year from March to mid May. There are other flowers that bloom, but the main attraction are the 800 different varieties of tulips. 2024 will be the 75th anniversary.

Or, maybe you'd be interested in scuba diving at Canada's only Marine National Park. There are 24 shipwrecks to be found under the clear waters of Lake Huron. The name comes from Shakespeare's The Tempest where Ariel laments "full fathom five thy father lies". Five fathoms, or nine metres, was considered a fatal and irretrievable depth.



some parks, gardens and nature reserves for our first Thursday Postcard Hunt under the theme: tourist sites

All new visitors are welcome, indeed encouraged, to join in by sharing their own postcards

05 September 2023



While the pool in my building is not nearly so large, nor is it ever so busy, it irks me no end that the day after Labour Day - the unofficial end of 'summer' - it is closed for the season. For the whole month of August we did not get any days above 30C (unusual). For the rest of this week, we will.

04 September 2023

dufferin gates

the end of the CNE is known as the unofficial end of summer

the western entrance to the CNE. sadly, long demolished

03 September 2023

black mesa


a Georgia O'Keefe painting from the 1930s in New Mexico, titled Black Mesa Landscape. The name comes from the layer of black lava that coated the mesa some 30 million years ago.