vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

16 July 2024

jack pine

 Tom Thomson

whose body was found on Canoe Lake on July 16, 1917, eight days after his overturned canoe was found.  His death is still a mystery.

14 July 2024

names and medals


Not many Chinese stamps have any English on them, but this one clearly states the [proud?] anniversary!

China is competing in 33 events to add to their 635 medal count of their 12th summer games.  That Communist Party has invested well in their athletes (though how humanely, is up for debate).

Taiwan, or Chinese Taipei, as it is known at the Games, will be competing in 15 events to add to their 36 medal count. None will involve jellyfish.  This one with the long, long tentacles, is a Lion's Mane. Taiwan does not get to compete under their own name or their own flag.
Albania is one of only five European countries who have never medalled at the Olympics.  This bellflower is deceptively delicate looking - it is a highly invasive plant where I live.  Very pretty though.  This summer they will have 5 competitors for wrestling, shooting, and athletics.  They never use their own Albanian name of Shqiperia for their country.

from one extreme to another in the eastern hemisphere for Sunday Stamps

11 July 2024

day and night

Borkum is an island in northwestern Germany.  This Great Lighthouse is still in use after 145 years.  At 60 metres tall it is a landfall light for the Ems estuary and a day marker for the port of Emdem.

Here is a night view card I received from Postcrossing

10 July 2024

09 July 2024

semi finals

 thing one...





 France v Spain

thing two





Canada v Argentina

07 July 2024


Let's start off our world tour of Olympic participating countries with the host: France

the 2018 version of Marianne designed by 'YZ', a French graphist (or graphic designer) living in Abidjan, and engraved by Elsa Catelin



Olivier Ciappa's 2013 version of Marianne and youth

Marianne and stars designed & engraved by Yves Beaujard released in 2008

This 2003 version was designed by Eve Luquet and engraved by Claude Jumelet



New versions of these stamps are released every five years by the president.  I have yet to receive any 2023 ones

In case you've lost count, France is hosting the Olympics for the sixth time this summer.

northern hemisphere for Sunday Stamps

04 July 2024

finding your way

I've never been to Taipei, but I love this metro map.  It shows the different trains, is colour coded, is in English, and has handy tips.  Plus which stations are near those all important night markets!

Manhattan was probably the easiest, most walkable, city I've traveled to, but this map would be handy to have for orienting yourself, especially for those bridges over the East River

two maps for helping find your way around an unfamiliar city for Thursday Postcard Hunt

02 July 2024


The Amazonia versicolor (St Lucia parrot) is St Lucia's national bird.  It's population had been increasing after declining to a low of around 150 individuals in the 1970s, mainly due to habitat loss, poaching and ... hurricanes.

Another bird found exclusively on the island of St Lucia is this oriole.  They feed on fruit and insects and have been seen stripping the bark off trees while foraging, which explains this image!


thinking of Saint Lucia and all those in the path of Beryl

30 June 2024

19 flags


across the bottom of the envelope are the 19 members (with the recent additions of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic)

(this has turned out to be more in honour of the upcoming NATO Summit on July 9th than the upcoming July 1st and July 4th holidays)
ALSO, in the run up to the Olympics, I thought we'd tour the world of participating countries by hemisphere. Since nearly all countries are participating, this should give us all quite a variety of stamps.

27 June 2024

time in the city

 Perhaps the most famous clock tower

A vintage timepiece (c1934) as a shop sign for Möbel Hansson, an antique store in Stockholm






a clock in the medieval Old Quarter of Torun Poland

but, the pièce de résistance

is this astronomical clock in Prague, 

the oldest clock still in operation (since 1410)

23 June 2024

black and white

from the top of the world, a trio of long tailed ducks




 to the bottom, with a duo of 

condors and penguins


20 June 2024

preservation at its best

Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming is described as America's aquarium in stone.  A 50 million year old lake bed and one of the richest fossil localities in the world.  Recorded in limestone are dynamic and complete paleoecosystems that spanned two million years.  Preservation is so complete that it allows for detailed study of climate change and its effects on biological communities. (from website)
Sucevita Monastery in the Moldovan region of Romania is covered in fresco paintings both inside and outside.  The paintings were done in 1601, though the church was built in 1585.  It is remarkable that these exterior paintings have survived all that weather can throw at it - wind, sun, rain, snow...

17 June 2024


Sentosa is an island resort off the southern coast of Singapore.  It was formerly a British military base, then a Japanese prisoner of war camp.  In the 1970s it became a luxury resort destination.  Today, Singapore is rushing to clean up an oil spill that has closed the beaches and blackened the water.  400 metric tonnes of oil.

In Malay, Sentosa means peace and tranquility

16 June 2024

a talented man


Ugo Tognazzi was an Italian actor, director and screenwriter.  The entertainment industry was in the family blood as he fathered four children, two of whom are actors, and two of whom are film directors.

side note: among his many comedic roles during his 40 year career, he played Renato (the father) in La Cage aux Folles in 1978,  a favourite film of mine that is not shown often enough.  A musical version is part of the line up at the Stratford Theatre Festival this summer and I want to go.

13 June 2024

green eggs and ...

One of the thematic postcards I collect is EASTER

I like that this Ukrainian card shows an early spring with the tree's leaves


these green eggs are much more subdued than the other brightly painted Ukrainian eggs, but the colours remind me of the varying shades of green on the newly budding leaves

and they blend in well with the colours of some bird's eggs

pussy willows are an important tradition in Slavic Easter celebrations as the first blooms of spring
this little girl with her pussy willows and  painted red cheeks will perhaps be painting her basket of eggs next
this little girl looks rather wistful

maybe she needs

a little special delivery to cheer her up






a little bit of spring and Easter for a seasonal Thursday Postcard Hunt

09 June 2024

rural scenes

You know you have really left the city and are in the country when you start seeing barns

and, if you drive a little further from the city, you might see landscapes such as these

some views of the countryside for Sunday Stamps