vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

24 April 2022

letters spelling words

 Brody Neuenschwander designed this Flemish and French "write each other" stamp in 2012

These older Europa stamps were the same for each country. Not nearly as inspiring as the themed ones of today, though I do like the way they incorporated the EUROPA into the design. It has a timeless quality.



However, this one from just a couple of years later, in 1971, is very much of its time. The geometric font spells out BC

some letters and words for Sunday Stamps

17 April 2022


one of the first spring flowers - a pasque flower from Slovenia, designed by Julija Zornik (2007)

a decorated egg from Poland, designed by Agnieszka Sancewicz (2014)
and a decorated chick, designed by Anna Khunova (1998)

Happy Easter 

for Sunday Stamps

10 April 2022


two Eurasian blue tits, hanging out together (1959)

a kakapo, the world's largest flightless parrot (1986)

and, finally, a pair of strolling ostriches in Cameroon (1962)


some random birds for Sunday Stamps

03 April 2022

colourful joy


I have this sheet in a frame by my desk because it always makes me smile. I love the brightly coloured outfits the children are wearing. One of my pet peeves is seeing so many people dressed in black all winter long. It is such a depressing colour when there is so little bright light outside. These children were bucking that trend and making a fashion statement in 2008 with their whimsical hats and pastel coloured patterns. It is sad to think that when they grow up this eye-catching fashion will likely be abandoned for the not-to-be-noticed black.

for Sunday Stamps - fashion