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26 December 2021


 Christmas in 1964

and in 2021

I hope an angel brought some joy to your Christmas Day. We had rain instead of snow this year and the sun stayed hidden all day, making it a little dreary. 

for Sunday Stamps - Christmas

19 December 2021



Caribou, ermine, snowshoe hare, lemming, and an arctic fox hide easily in the snow with their winter coats.

These sheep have their heavy woolly coats to keep them warm as they eat on the snow covered field

The branches of these trees are able to withstand the heavy snow
for Sunday Stamps - winter

I wish everyone a safe and healthy - and happy - Christmas

12 December 2021



The Tatra National Park showing the High Tatras along the border of Slovakia and Poland.

and a few hours to the west, we come to the Emmental mountains in the western Alps.


Both of these ranges are relatively low in elevation with the Tatras slightly beating out the Emmental with a highest peak of 2,655 m to 2,350 m.

For Sunday Stamps - mountains

05 December 2021



The Lunokhod, a Soviet rover, and the first roving remote controlled robot to land on the moon.

An extraterrestrial escape from earth

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