vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

29 May 2022

look up, way up

First UP, some balloons from 2001

followed by some roadside attractions
with a ginormous coffee pot, a town's mascot 'happy rock', the Wawa Goose, and a giant puffin
for Sunday Stamps - shaped

22 May 2022


sailing ships from Ukraine

and, something unusual from Bermuda - green sails!

sails for Sunday Stamps

15 May 2022

post offices


Post Offices in India, from top left

Lucknow, Cooch Behar, Nagpur, Udagamandalam, Delhi, Shimla

Post Offices in Canada, from top left

Miramichi, Saint-Ours, Battleford, Toronto

some historic post offices for a postal themed Sunday Stamps

08 May 2022

light upon light

one of the common inscriptions on Eid lanterns is "light upon light", a phrase referencing God's light illuminating heaven and earth as divine guidance for all humankind (from CanadaPost website)

my choice for Sunday Stamps

(and, I now realize this is the second time I've posted an Eid stamp/FDC this year!)

01 May 2022

International Workers' Day

 From the traditional arts series, a bookbinder

and this fun series from Brazil which included a carpenter and a dressmaker


people at work for Sunday Stamps