vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

28 May 2023



yellow streetcar in Berlin, 1950

and a modern Lisbon tram

some yellow for Sunday Stamps

26 May 2023


A logging train in British Columbia

An Alberni Valley Train Load

25 May 2023



Vaduz Castle, Townhall,  aerial view of Vaduz, Gutenberg Castle, Government Building

24 May 2023


 Mulo Lighthouse

built in 1873 on a small island in the Adriatic. The octagonal tower is 18 metres and has a fairly large keepers cottage.

23 May 2023


Kelowna, view looking west along the main downtown street, Bernard Avenue. Angled parking, two wide lanes each way and a centre boulevard of street lights.


22 May 2023


 in the 1970s Ontario Place was the "showpiece" of Ontario

For this Victoria Day, Ontario Place is celebrating its 50th (+2) anniversary, since covid ruined plans in 2021.

18 May 2023


 a Northern saw-whet owl photographed by Jason Idzerda

17 May 2023


chrome postcard of Ontario's provincial flower (photo by Barry Schneider) they are just starting to bloom!

16 May 2023

giant buddhas


The Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple, in Nara Japan


and the Great Buddha at the Kotoku-in temple, Kamakura, Japan

15 May 2023

clovelly steps

Clovelly is a privately owned harbour village in Devon with steep cobbled streets.

14 May 2023



the mother of Oscar Wilde, Lady Wilde,was also a writer and poet (who wrote under the penname Speranza). Her life was not without scandal and heartbreak (as were that of her two sons and husband). She died penniless, with her funeral paid for by Oscar (who was not allowed a visit from her while he was imprisoned)

11 May 2023

northern garden


Also known as Reford Gardens in English, it is one of the most northern gardens in North America.

08 May 2023

prettiest town


An Aerial view of GODERICH, Ontario.  "The Prettiest Town in Canada" located on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron. The uniquely designed "Shoppers Square" is an octagon, with the County Administration building and Park situated in the centre.  There are over 100 stores and services situated on "Shoppers Square" and the eight radiating streets.

07 May 2023

crossing the thames


In honour of the Coronation,  a bit of ancient and modern with

two very different bridges from London. On top, the modern and sleek Millennium Bridge (built 1996-2000) and below, the very old (c1176-1209)









London Bridge with its hodge podge of buildings. I rather like its lack of symmetry of the approximately 138 premises.

wibbly-wobbly and higgledy-piggledy bridges for Sunday Stamps

04 May 2023

glens, braes, and lochs

Loch Finglas,          Falls of Dochart,          Callendar
QE 2 Forest Park,          Loch Ard,          Inchmahome Priory
Lake of Monteith,          SS Sir Walter Scott,          Duke's Pass

01 May 2023



Greater Flamingos

or, the more romantic sounding 

Flamant Rose