vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

31 March 2023



Rocher Percé off the coast of the Gaspé Peninsula in eastern Quebec

30 March 2023



floral clock in Queen Victoria Gardens, donated in 1966 by Swiss watchmakers. the flowers are changed twice a year - this looks to me like maybe autumnal flowers?

29 March 2023

iron stairs


cast iron staircase at Bay City (MI) City Hall

received from US

28 March 2023

cave monastery


The Assumption Monastery of the Caves,

A cave monastery carved out of a cliff in Crimea from the 15th C

something I think I should have known (but have forgotten?) is that a cave dweller is called a troglodyte.

26 March 2023

highs and lows


A December getaway on a calm beach in Aruba, one of the islands in the Netherlands Antilles

Whereas Aruba is mostly flat, a little further south you can find these 1,000 metre high cliffs at Mount Roraima in northwestern Brazil (as well as Guyana and Venezuela)

two very different coastlines for Sunday Stamps

25 March 2023

eiffel tower


world trip PARIS  good thing they went before all the troubles of today!


23 March 2023

9 pointed star


It took around 200 years to build this Renaissance fortress town. It was built in geometric harmony, but in the end no one wanted to live in such an obsessively ordered town.

21 March 2023



information card from Malaysia, featuring a favourite food - satay

19 March 2023



Northern Velebit National Park. The Velebit mountains are the largest mountain range in Croatia. The whole range is a nature reserve.

The Cabot Trail is a scenic highway on the northern tip of Cape Breton Island through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.




some greenery for Sunday Stamps

16 March 2023



Melbourne has the largest urban tram system in the world  

260 km with 493 trams in a most diverse array of designs.

received from Australia, 2013 

14 March 2023



Alice in Wonderland

two very different Alice's, both received from Russia, 2018

13 March 2023


we are having more snow ... a good day to stay inside and do handwork

artist: Victoria Kirdiy

12 March 2023

sun, sea, sand


a stamp issued in 1967 for the new flag designed by artist and sculptor Sir Reginald Samuel. the rising sun represents the dawn of a new era with the points for the six parishes and the island of Barbuda.

a flag for Sunday Stamps

11 March 2023

10 March 2023





two does in evening wear




Keith Harrop, from the US

09 March 2023

08 March 2023


 International Women's Day





laundry is the drudgery of women the world over. but, I actually don't mind it. and I especially love fresh air dried linen and pyjamas which I will be crawling into later today as I nurse this dratted flu I seemed to have caught. 

06 March 2023


1905-1999  (c 1910)

345 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg. 900,000 square feet. 

The western Canada flagship store for the Eaton's department store.   Demolished in 2003 for a sports arena

05 March 2023



Czech mountain dog

some cute puppies born in 2021 for Sunday Stamps

03 March 2023


Today is World Wildlife Day

a small animal with wings of a bird, antlers of a deer that lives in the forests in Bavaria.

02 March 2023


Today is World Book Day

I wish my copy of Pride and Prejudice has such a cover, but I'm happy to have received this postcard.