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26 September 2021


Conservation of water (2002) and a special stamp use for greeting cards (2013).  Bamboo is especially good at conserving water. Once it is established it can get all the water it needs from the ground and can help with soil erosion.

For more water, here is one from the Beautiful China series (2013) showing Xing Hua Duo Tian Agrosystem and the islands of rapeseed flowers (for canola oil). This is a unique land water use where raised cultivated fields surrounded by irrigation canals are made from the sludge. 

and, because this is apple season...

for Sunday Stamps - Asia

19 September 2021

on the waterfront


I love how the Clyde Auditorium (on the banks of the River Clyde) is now known by the nickname given to it by the people of Glasgow. It opened in 1997 and the name was officially changed in 2017.  It has an auditorium that seats over 3,000 people.

In Oslo, the new Opera House (opened in 2008 and winner of Culture Building of the Year in 2009 ) was photographed by PETTER KARLSTRØM. Built on the banks of the Oslofjord, it is Norway's first purpose built opera house and is the largest cultural building constructed in Norway since 1300.

for Sunday Stamps - post war architecture

12 September 2021



Lake Pukaki, painted by New Zealand landscape artist John Gully in 1862. It's hard to see, but Mt Cook is in the distance. For LOTR fans, this was the location of Lake-town.

Up at the other end of the globe in the far north west of Scotland is Ben Arkle, painted by Prince Charles.

I'm not sure either of these paintings would make me want to visit - though, in truth, I have been to both and found them spectacular in real life.

For Sunday Stamps - art/painting

05 September 2021

big work

New Zealand is Butterland according to an article I read on the beloved food. It seems this tiny country has a high consumption rate compared to other butter eating countries. It was a dietary staple by the mid twentieth century as this stamp from 1960 can attest (just look at the size!)


From an old growth forest tree (1967)             


to pulp and paper (1956)

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