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27 December 2020



I'm not sure if Carnival is actually a holiday in some countries, but it most likely won't be celebrated in 2021. We could all do with some dancing in the streets and wild costumes.

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25 December 2020

24 December 2020

20 December 2020


Genesis - A stylized Madonna and Child painting by First Nations artist Daphne Odjig from 2002

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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

Stay safe

13 December 2020

counting the days

to Christmas

Advent Calendar from Austria

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11 December 2020


The national animal of Scotland. The unicorn is a symbol of purity, innocence, and power in Celtic mythology.

10 December 2020


Big Bruce, a giant Hereford steer stands 15 feet tall. You can find him near Chesley, Ontario

Bruce County's cattle country.

09 December 2020

a winter resort

The first luxury hotel built in The Bahamas. Built by the government in 1861, it closed in 1971. Destroyed by fire, and later demolished, most of the grounds are now a parking lot.  It did have a storied history involving bootleggers during prohibition. 

06 December 2020

red roof

Red roofs aren't such a common thing to see here in Canada and I always find them so striking. This small, single nave, medieval church had a new roof within the last 15 years. St Catharine's Church in Karja. Built probably in the late 13th C or early 14th C.

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04 December 2020

bear lodge

Devils Tower, a sacred site to Native Americans, was the first national monument established by Teddy Roosevelt in 1906. This name comes from a misinterpretation and requests to have it renamed as Bear Lodge National Historic Landmark have been met with opposition from local senators. Even having it as an additional name seemed to be unsuitable and confusing despite the name asked for being in English and not, say, the Crow language which would make it "Daxpitchcheeaasaao".
The summit is 5,112' (1,559m) above sea level.

02 December 2020

01 December 2020


The Library of Parliament has more than 17 linear kilometres of materials in its collections including books, periodicals, government documents, CD-ROMs, videos.
The Library of Parliament offers information, research and research services to parliamentarians and their staff, parliamentary committees, associations and delegations, and senior Senate and House of Commons officials.

29 November 2020


A medieval castle in Bohemia. It was built in the 13th C to protect the crossroads of an important merchant route. The 50 metre high cylindrical tower dominates and is known as Indica. Opened to the public in 1801, it is the oldest castle museum in Central Europe. This was chosen as the 2017 Europa theme of castles
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28 November 2020

27 November 2020


Cornwall, the Delectable Duchy

Cornishmen claim that theirs is the first, last, and best county of England

24 November 2020


215 years ago today, a woman who would become a nation's heroine was born in Bamburgh. Her family were living in Longstone Lighthouse when she saw a shipwreck. Her help and bravery in rescuing nine survivors propelled her into fame and wealth. It was shortlived as she died of TB four years later.

23 November 2020

city sights

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum                           University of Glasgow
Glasgow Cathedral                                       City Chambers George Square
People's Palace Glasgow Green

22 November 2020


This stamp predates the find recently of personal items from the doomed Arctic Franklin Expedition. HMS Erebus and HMS Terror were mysteriously lost at sea 175 years ago and it wasn't until 2014 that the Erebus was found and deep sea archaeologists were able to begin their search of the ship on the sea floor.

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21 November 2020

where sleeping cats lie

my cat used to love sleeping in the sink, even if the tap was dripping on her.


19 November 2020

peace through understanding

1964 World's Fair in New York

Coca Cola Pavillion

General Electric Pavillion

The Ford Pavillion

18 November 2020


Downtowner Motor Inn
The perfect location . . .  right in the Heart of Town
240 ultra modern rooms — all with oversize double beds. Studios and Suites. Direct dial telephone service, TV,  and Hi-Fi. Free parking. Restaurant. Cocktail Lounge. Heated Pool. Meeting and Conference rooms. Near theatres, shopping, entertainment, and many points of interest.
Rochester, New York

17 November 2020

once a house

The only residential villa built by architect Alexander "Greek" Thompson that is open to the public. Built in the late 1850's

16 November 2020

15 November 2020


This is John Harrison's 1759 chronometer, a clock which calculated longitude while at sea. It took him over 30 years of trial and error to perfect the technology. The watch itself is 13cm in diameter and you can see it for yourself at the Royal Observatory Greenwich.
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13 November 2020


received from Czech Republic, the Astronomical Clock has been keeping time for over 600 years

12 November 2020


No health and safety here at this orange orchard in Florida
The Sunshine State

11 November 2020


Trenches on the Somme (1919) 

by Mary Riter Hamilton, Canada's first unofficial female battlefield artist.

10 November 2020

ice cream

I scream, you scream
we all scream for ice cream
We are having a heatwave - in November! Today will be perfect ice cream weather, 24C

09 November 2020

city of waterfalls

Hamilton has several dozens of of waterfalls,of which these are the grandest.

The pandemic has inadvertently helped curb some of the environmental damage done to them over the last few years from the crowds of people visiting, since no crowds are allowed.