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28 December 2014

Sunday Stamps II - 2

issued 2012, Taiwan
Disney -Toy Story, featuring Woody the cowboy sheriff and the three eyed aliens
both valued at NT $5 (.18¢ CAD)

for next week - the first of 2015 - I thought a favourite stamp that makes you smile might be nice to feature. or, if you are up for the challenge, New Year's celebrations or astrology.

26 December 2014

21 December 2014

Sunday Stamps II - 1

Sunday Stamps the second edition begins now, 
just in time for Christmas - or the rarer Hanukkah - stamps
next week, we'll continue the theme (in a way) with toys
Looking forward to seeing your selections 

these stamps from the Netherlands remind me of when I used to do my own cross-stitch embroidery

14 December 2014


2012 Art Canada series
the domestic stamp features Fafard's bovine sculpture Smoothly She Shifted, the US stamp shows Dear Vincent and the international stamp has a trio of Fafard's Capillery laser cut steel horses
Sunday Stamps