vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

31 August 2020

hummel girl

My mother had a collection of these Hummel figurines, which none of us wanted after she died. I think they are still in a box at the back of my closet. It's been 12 years.

30 August 2020

sticks and flags

in 2015, the Czech Republic hosted the World Hockey Championship.
So, who can name all 16 participating countries from these flags -  without googling?
I will admit that I missed a few...

for Sunday Stamps - flags

28 August 2020

the north

The Gateway of the North has changed a few times since it was built in 1928.
North Bay is about 210 miles north of Toronto.

25 August 2020

sand and sea

on the North Sea coast, one of the most popular beaches in Holland

24 August 2020

23 August 2020

black and white

These stamps first made me think of the black & white theme, which might be stretching it a bit. Would still qualify as far as I'm concerned! However they undeniably qualify as big animals.
Here we have ursus americanus -  the black bear, the smallest of the North American bears. The one on the left is a subspecies known as a kermode bear which has a rare recessive gene that makes their fur cream or white coloured. Some of them have black fur, but these white variants are known as the Spirit Bear.

for Sunday Stamps - big animals

22 August 2020

and a bee

titled 'kittens and violin'
but these kitties seem more intrigued by the bee ...


21 August 2020


a HUGE post office in Philadelphia.
Long since demolished.
 Card is pre 1905

20 August 2020


Many loved the above building in Vancouver and were worried about its fate 
when it was closed and sold a few years ago.  
It now has several glass towers on top and is a residential/commercial complex.
This post office building in Grimsby was saved while several other buildings were gutted when an accidental fire broke out on the main street three years ago. 

19 August 2020

mail train

Mount Pleasant station on the Post office's underground railway which runs from Paddington to Whitechapel, connecting six sorting offices and two main railway stations

18 August 2020

mail delivery

Issued in 1974, this series honours all the postal workers for the 
Centenary of Letter Carrier Delivery Service

top row - the postmaster, mail services courier
middle row - mail handler, postal clerk
bottom row - letter carrier, rural mail courier

17 August 2020


As I think on the mess in the US with the postal service and
in honour of the poor beleaguered postal employees,
a week of postal related stamps and postcards.

16 August 2020


With a wingspan of up to 10 feet, the albatross is one of the largest flying birds which is endemic to one of the smaller countries, which is actually not so small. It is larger than than the UK by around 25,000 sq km.

for Sunday Stamps - the southern hemisphere

13 August 2020


featuring the tree lined Las Ramblas
and Christopher Columbus on a very tall 40m column

12 August 2020

09 August 2020

young and old

a couple of  young chicks

and a couple of old dinosaurs

for Sunday Stamps - the colour yellow

08 August 2020

07 August 2020

point amour

If you want to walk the 132 steps to the top (33 metres), you will be rewarded with a magnificent view from the south coast of Labrador. It is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada.

04 August 2020

palais grand ducal

The official residence of the Grand Duke

Is it just me, or could this place use some flowers? Imagine overflowing window boxes.

03 August 2020


Crowds on the way to the Eiffel Tower. Limited visits to the top have been available since July 15. Or you could schedule a visit to climb the stairs to the second floor (freeing up the lift for those with mobility issues). You will climb up one staircase and down the other. Masks must be worn. Has anyone been to the top?

02 August 2020


Soft food. Tasty to some.

tatties are potatoes
neeps are turnips - though in Scotland the turnip is actually a swede, or rutabaga
haggis - made with sheep offal. it has a rather peppery taste, so would actually be the spiciest food on this plate

for Sunday Stamps - food