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30 September 2019

29 September 2019

Sunday Stamps - churches

Pretty in Pink
Die Kirche Maria Kirchental (1701) in St Martin bei Lofer, about an hour north of Salzburg. It is a popular destination for pilgrims as well as hikers where it is often a starting point for tours up the Lofer Mountains.

28 September 2019


 a retro travel poster postcard with a cute teardrop trailer

cars are allowed on Sauble Beach, though they seem to be off this postcard
instead we have some 60s era bathing suits
A typical scene, on the wide, white, sandy shores of SAUBLE BEACH — the Daytona of Canada on Lake Huron. Noted for its fine bathing facilities, and seven mile long sand beach.  Won't you join us? — the water's warm, too! Ample accommodations are available at Modern Lodges, Motels, Cottages, and Cabins.

26 September 2019


The 17thC protestant church with the Groenburgwal Canal, scene of the famous Monet painting.

25 September 2019


c 1935?
Bridge over the River Orm with Ilinskaya Church in background, and ab elongated aerial in foreground.

24 September 2019


The Vic Market is the only 19th century building left in the CBD of Melbourne. it features over 600 vendors spread out over two city blocks.

23 September 2019


The Belleisle House Hotel, Ayr
with guests sitting outside.

In June of 2019, a fire on the roof destroyed the 18th century mansion.

22 September 2019

Sunday Stamps - paintings

Although I haven't seen any Cornelius Krieghoff paintings in a very long time I always associate his
old fashioned winter scenes with old Christmas cards and calendars. 
The one above is the Blacksmith's Shop (c1871) issued in 1972 a century after his death

The one below, issued in 2000, is an 1858 painting of Niagara Falls.

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21 September 2019

book shops

Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon
Parnussus Books in Nashville, Tennessee

20 September 2019


an 1890s view of Marche St Gery which was prosperous until WWII. It finally closed in 1977, but has now been repurposed as an exhibition and event centre.

19 September 2019

glittering gold

Lord Murugan, Batu Caves; Theon Hou Temple, Kuala Lumpur;
Masjid Jamek, Kuala Lumpur

18 September 2019

16 September 2019


An aerial view of the Parliament Buildings with the library (the conical looking building) in the rear facing the river

15 September 2019

Sunday Stamps - commemorative

On the Tom River in Siberia is a town called Tomsk which celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2004. The stamp shows the City Government Building, the Church of the Resurrection, the Tomsk State University, and an ancient wooden building.  Tomsk is a university city, with 15% of the population being students. It is also well-known for its many wooden houses with elaborately carved trim.

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14 September 2019


from Germany, another wee lamb
Deichkind is a hip-hop / electro band ...

12 September 2019


Kelpies are shape shifting water spirits.
These kelpies rise up as monuments to horse powered heritage in Scotland. 
Designed by sculptor Andy Scott, they are 30 metres tall.

09 September 2019

le pantheon

Originally built as a church, it is now a secular mausoleum — which meant that the great Gothic windows had to be blocked up. Some of the people buried here include Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Pierre and Marie Curie,

08 September 2019

Sunday Stamps - red

These gates guard the eight largest Chinatowns in Canada and this stamp shows the one in Mississauga, a city just west of Toronto. It was built in 1987 using only timber and no nails — only wooden studs — based on traditional Chinese building techniques. It is 43 feet tall. The stamp was designed by Albert Ng for the 2013 Gates of Chinatown series. The other gates are in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

For Sunday Stamps - the colour RED 

07 September 2019


Village of Banff and Cascade Mt., Banff National Park
Showing Banff Ave over the Bow River

06 September 2019


the fields of Saskatchewan, a province in the middle of the country

05 September 2019

second longest

Another covered bridge, but this one doesn't have a stamp dedicated to it.
The Upper Dorchester Covered Bridge near Sackville New Brunswick.
Memramcook River.
Known as the "second longest covered bridge in the world"

04 September 2019

kissing bridge

A vintage chrome postcard of he West Montrose Covered Bridge near Kitchener, Ontario

and a 2019 issue of the same bridge on a stamp.
a kiss (in relative privacy inside the bridge) was required as a toll for crossing. Local girls learned to be wary when their escorts horse stopped inside the bridge without any command from the driver.

03 September 2019


a Year of the Rooster for 2017
by Swedish artist Martin Morck featuring a Hedemora which is perhaps the most cold hardy chicken in the world.

02 September 2019


from Russia

not sure whose eyes are wider
from the Netherlands

01 September 2019

Sunday Stamps - water

Here we have a 1951, green tinted view of Lake Towada as part of Japan's  National Parks series. It is a crater lake and the largest on Honshu Island. The lake and the surrounding forest became a National Park in 1936 and this stamp commemorates its 15th anniversary. An Imperial Japanese Army Air Force plane which crashed in 1943 was found at the bottom of the crater in 2010 and recovered in 2012.

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