13 June 2021


This 1988 stamp of the lynx doesn't show off the cute ear tufts and that is disappointing. It also makes me wonder if this isn't in fact a bobcat. His feet do look quite large and snowshoe like, but the coat is more of an orange colour with distinct marking making him look more bobcat like than the lynx which has a more grey coat with fewer distinct markings.

for Sunday Stamps - cats, big or small

06 June 2021


 For the millennium, this stamp of a peace dove is steel engraved and designed by Jorge Peral 
whose other Canadian stamps can be seen here.
for Sunday Stamps - monochrome

30 May 2021

island mammals

This pine marten is only found on the island of Newfoundland, one of only 14 native mammals on the island.   They are about the size of a small housecat and weigh between 1.6lbs to 2.4lbs.
The ring tailed lemur is only found on the island of Madagascar. Unlike the marten, these lemurs are very social and live in groups of up to 30. Both are listed as endangered.

For Sunday Stamps - small animals

23 May 2021


Sultan Ismail ibni Almarhum of the Malaysian state of Kelantan in 1937. He was born in 1880 and died of TB in 1940.

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16 May 2021


Razvan Popescu illustrated this Postcrossing stamp from Romania issued in 2017.

for Sunday Stamps - the letter P

09 May 2021



From 1982 architecture series

Built in the 1930s and 1940s: Falling Water (F.L. Wright), Gropius House (W. Gropius), Illinois Institute of Technology (Mies van der Rohe), 

and in 1962: Dulles Airport (Eero Saarinen)

for Sunday Stamps - buildings

02 May 2021


Farmers and workers labouring in Tunisia on this 1957 stamp for the first anniversary of independence. I'm not sure about that man wielding the mallet. The man in the circle is Habib Bourgiuba who became the first Prime Minister.

for Sunday Stamps - labourers

25 April 2021


In 1957 this set of hunting, fishing, skiing and swimming stamps were issued for the four seasons of recreational sports.  I like the swimmer the best - for her smile as much as the waves. the series was called Canada - all seasons playground and designed by Laurence Hyde. It is interesting that the CANADA is in a different (though similar) typeface for each stamp.

for Sunday Stamps - sports


18 April 2021


Brock's Monument can be found at Queenston Heights, Ontario (near Niagara Falls) underneath which lie his remains. He was killed by a gunshot wound to his chest in battle during the War of 1812. This stamp was issued in 1969 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Sir Isaac Brock's birth in Guernsey. The imposing monument stands at 185'

for Sunday Stamps - statues, memorials

11 April 2021

air mail

There was a time when the post travelled by balloon

In 1955 France issued a stamp to commemorate 85 years of airmail service. 

In 1870 during the Siege of Paris a balloon could fly higher than the range of enemy rifles thus allowing Gaston Tissandier, a chemist and ballooning pioneer, to deliver 175 lbs of mail. There is an English translation of his writing of the flight and efforts to deliver 30,000 letters from the people of Paris.

for Sunday Stamps - air travel

04 April 2021

bountiful tree

A semi-postal stamp from 2020 for the Canada Post Community Foundation features a 'diverse community of animals living peacefully in a bountiful tree' (artist Isabelle Arseneault). It may not exactly be a spring theme, but now is the time when we start seeing more animals about and it does remind me of us all emerging from our winter homes to play. Of course only these ones are able to get so close as they share stories of their months of isolation from each other...

for Sunday Stamps - spring, flowers, or Easter

28 March 2021


The quintessential Canadian girl

beloved by the Japanese

This was a joint issue from 2008 for the 100th anniversary of Anne of Green Gables

for Sunday Stamps - children

21 March 2021

swimmers of the sea

A short beaked common dolphin. They are one of three species of dolphins in the Black Sea (the others being bottlenose and harbour porpoise).They are social animals often in pods of over 1,000. They are also fast swimmers (60km/hr) and known for their aerial acrobatics.
The Black Sea is an inland sea bordered by Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey

for Sunday Stamps - the deep blue sea

14 March 2021


Czechoslovakian stamps come first to mind when thinking of unusual and interesting typefaces 
from the cosmonaut series with Gagarin of 1964

 to the flower series with a chrysanthemum of 1973







for Sunday Stamps - fonts and typefaces

07 March 2021


 Garajonay National Park in the Canary Islands is 40 sq. km. This stamp shows some of the large rock formations which are former volcanoes carved by erosion and a small hint that it is also a lush forest. It has been a World Heritage Site since 1986.

From Spain

 to Singapore

and the Singapore Botanic Gardens which only became a World Heritage Site in 2015 (and Singapore's first UNESCO site and the first and only tropical garden on the heritage list) but it was created in 1859. The stamps feature the gazebo at the Bandstand, Burkill Hall (the original residence of the superintendent) and Tanglin Gate (the main entrance)

For Sunday Stamps - World Heritage Sites

21 February 2021


We have had a snow storm this week and now everything is covered in white. I eagerly await spring and some fresh green leaves.

This low value stamp featuring a simple head shot of the Queen also has a tree in the top left corner. Each stamp of this series had a symbol representing some sector of the economy - in this case, forestry. Apparently, in 1960, 48% of Canada's land mass was covered in forest. It seems we are down to 38% by 2020.

For Sunday Stamps - the colour green

14 February 2021

red, red rose

February is really not the month for roses, yet for many, this is the go to flower for Valentine's

o my luve's like a red, red rose that's newly sprung in June

Perhaps by June a romantic stroll through a rose garden 

with more than 900 varieties will be possible.

for Sunday Stamps - romantic

07 February 2021

horns a plenty

For the Year of the Goat 2015, from Philippines.

Plus a goat-antelope from western Russia





On the left is the world's largest mountain sheep which live in Central Asia with magnificent corkscrew horns that can measure 190cm.  On the right is a Siberian bighorn (or snow) sheep

For Sunday Stamps - animals of the Lunar New Year

31 January 2021


I thought wearing a crown might be heavy and awkward, but this basket maker has a much more awkward physical load on his head! From 1953.

It seems my poor 12 year old computer needs upgrades for photo editing. I hope to have this sorted by next Sunday. It will be a weight of my head and shoulders...

For Sunday Stamps - country names no longer existing

30 January 2021

24 January 2021


E Pauline Johnson (1861-1913) was a Canadian poet of mixed Mohawk and English heritage.  She was a poet, writer and performer at a time when dramatic poetry readings were popular. She was one of the few female writers at the time who could make an independent living from her writings and performances. She was also the first indigenous poet to have her works published. 

Tekahionwake was her Mohawk stage name.

For Sunday Stamps - poets or writers

23 January 2021

18 January 2021


Le Petit Theatre Du Vieux Carre in the French Quarter of New Orleans, first opened in 1916. The courtyard is considered one of the most beautiful in the city.

17 January 2021

dressing table

This is a self portrait of Zinaida Serebriakova (1884-1967) . Titled At the Dressing Table, 1909. She was born into an artistic family of architects, painters, sculptors. Actor Peter Ustinov is also related to her.

For Sunday Stamps - women

14 January 2021


somptueues chevelure verte
sumptuous green hair

Leonard Cohen

12 January 2021

10 January 2021

up, up, and away


A spherical pressurized aluminum gondola took Auguste Piccard up into the stratosphere in for the first time in 1931.  He would make 27 trips upwards, finally reaching a record breaking 14 miles above ground.   It is possible that he was the first to see the curvature of the earth. Piccard was a Swiss physicist, inventor, and explorer (1884-1962).   He had a twin brother named Jean and they were the inspiration behind the name of Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

for Sunday Stamps - science

08 January 2021

mysterious rider

A majestic life sized horseman on a near vertical cliff from around the  8th century.

07 January 2021

most modern

All steel, Diesel electric ferry
Largest, most modern passenger and automobile ferry on the Mississippi River or its tributaries operating from New Orleans to Algiers, Louisiana by the Algiers Public Service Company, Incorporated

06 January 2021


Bauhaus, also known as the International Style 

Dessau, Germany

Bauhaus, also known as the International Style

05 January 2021


Wawa needed to have something to attract people to visit their small town after the new Trans Canada Highway diverted traffic. In Ojibway Wawa means 'wild goose' or 'Land of the Big Goose'. The goose (replaced twice) has stood here for 60 years.