26 June 2022


 Lenticular clouds

usually, when I think of Australia, I think of blue skies, like the one below in Tasmania, not the stormy sky of SA

some skies for Sunday Stamps

19 June 2022

beards and moustaches

The legendary King Arthur and the wizard Merlin as imagined in 1985

Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden from 1611 to 1632, regarded as one of the greatest military commanders in modern history.

Humphrey Gilbert, half brother of Sir Walter Raleigh, (1539-1583) claimed Newfoundland in the name of Queen Elizabeth I. He arrived in August 1583, but by November, had died at sea while returning to England.

and, another legendary beard...

this was fun, and there are so many fine beards and moustaches out there, we should do this again for another Sunday Stamps?

12 June 2022


Mbukushu from South West Africa (Namibia)

Xhosa from Transkei (South Africa)

Mohawk leader from Canada

some native women for Sunday Stamps

05 June 2022



an infantry man resplendent in the kilt

a grenadier ready for action








Montreal Canadiens hockey player, Guy Lafleur who recently passed away

some uniforms for Sunday Stamps

29 May 2022

look up, way up

First UP, some balloons from 2001

followed by some roadside attractions
with a ginormous coffee pot, a town's mascot 'happy rock', the Wawa Goose, and a giant puffin
for Sunday Stamps - shaped

22 May 2022


sailing ships from Ukraine

and, something unusual from Bermuda - green sails!

sails for Sunday Stamps

15 May 2022

post offices


Post Offices in India, from top left

Lucknow, Cooch Behar, Nagpur, Udagamandalam, Delhi, Shimla

Post Offices in Canada, from top left

Miramichi, Saint-Ours, Battleford, Toronto

some historic post offices for a postal themed Sunday Stamps

08 May 2022

light upon light

one of the common inscriptions on Eid lanterns is "light upon light", a phrase referencing God's light illuminating heaven and earth as divine guidance for all humankind (from CanadaPost website)

my choice for Sunday Stamps

(and, I now realize this is the second time I've posted an Eid stamp/FDC this year!)

01 May 2022

International Workers' Day

 From the traditional arts series, a bookbinder

and this fun series from Brazil which included a carpenter and a dressmaker


people at work for Sunday Stamps

24 April 2022

letters spelling words

 Brody Neuenschwander designed this Flemish and French "write each other" stamp in 2012

These older Europa stamps were the same for each country. Not nearly as inspiring as the themed ones of today, though I do like the way they incorporated the EUROPA into the design. It has a timeless quality.



However, this one from just a couple of years later, in 1971, is very much of its time. The geometric font spells out BC

some letters and words for Sunday Stamps

17 April 2022


one of the first spring flowers - a pasque flower from Slovenia, designed by Julija Zornik (2007)

a decorated egg from Poland, designed by Agnieszka Sancewicz (2014)
and a decorated chick, designed by Anna Khunova (1998)

Happy Easter 

for Sunday Stamps

10 April 2022


two Eurasian blue tits, hanging out together (1959)

a kakapo, the world's largest flightless parrot (1986)

and, finally, a pair of strolling ostriches in Cameroon (1962)


some random birds for Sunday Stamps

03 April 2022

colourful joy


I have this sheet in a frame by my desk because it always makes me smile. I love the brightly coloured outfits the children are wearing. One of my pet peeves is seeing so many people dressed in black all winter long. It is such a depressing colour when there is so little bright light outside. These children were bucking that trend and making a fashion statement in 2008 with their whimsical hats and pastel coloured patterns. It is sad to think that when they grow up this eye-catching fashion will likely be abandoned for the not-to-be-noticed black.

for Sunday Stamps - fashion

26 March 2022


The China Palace Museum (2015)

the Gate of Heavenly Purity

Five different images of the sun that we don't always see. from 2000.

for Sunday Atamps - se-tenant, selvage

20 March 2022


 Traditional Headdresses of Ukrainian Women

a souvenir sheet from 2006
Ubrus and fur cap (Kyivan Rus)
Kerchiefs (Kyiv)
Namitka (Western Polissia)
Garland (Poltava)
Kerchief (Hutsul)
Koda (Bukovyna)
Kerchief (Central Ukraine)
Ochipok (Poltava)
Namitka (Hutsul)
Ochipok (Poltava)
Kerchief over Ochipok (Chernihiv)
Garland (Ivano-Frankivsk)

Canada has the third most number of Ukrainians (behind Ukraine and Russia). William Kurelek (1927-1977) was born in Canada to Ukrainian immigrants. Four of his paintings of The Ukrainian Pioneer are on these stamps for the 100th anniversary of the first wave of Ukrainian immigration (1991). 

Family Before a Vast Forest, Farmer in a Lush Field of Wheat, Group of Emigrants on the Deck of a Ship, and Barefoot Girl Going Out to Beg for Food

For Sunday Stamps - Ukraine

13 March 2022

woolly and cute


There is something about the musk ox that makes me smile. Must be those curvaceous horns. The one on the left is from 1954 and the bottom one is from 1988.
He is shaped a bit differently from this wood bison, seen below from 1981, but the name musk ox translates to ugly moose, or ugly bison in the Woods Cree language

But enough of these big woolly creatures

we need something small, that coincidentally also makes me smile

like this red squirrel. They are noisy critters but so much cuter than the grey squirrels

For Sunday Stamps - animals

oops, sorry everyone. I'm going to blame the time change on this not posting earlier

06 March 2022

modes of transport

I have been watching the latest 'Around the World in Eighty Days'

and the balloon trip is the most iconic of the modes of transportation that Phileas Fogg and company took even though it only happened in the movies

Also not actually taken was the Flying Scotsman, though they did travel by train a few times.






They also travel by sailing ship, and steamers

and, of course, elephant

for Sunday Stamps - transportation

27 February 2022


These are indeed dark times, certainly not expected when I chose this theme.

This was my original choice for a dark stamp. It shows the Princes' Gates in Toronto, one of the entrances to the Canadian National Exhibition grounds.



But here is another, for Ukraine, showing a giant Pysanka in Alberta. It celebrates the harmony, vitality, and culture of the community.

for Sunday Stamps - dark

20 February 2022



There really aren't enough pink stamps..
Nigeria's national bird is a handsome fella, though it is on the endangered list.


For Sunday Stamps - 'N'