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23 May 2024



 Not exactly an ocean, the northernmost tip of Borneo is where the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea meet
and about 9,500 miles off to the northeast, waves of a different sort crash against the eastern shores of the US.

19 May 2024

king of the belgians


a 1977 stamp of King Baudouin, also known as Boudewijn (Flemish name) and Balduin (German name) who reigned from 1951 until his death at age 63 in 1993.  As the fifth King of the Belgians, he was much more popular than his father, Leopold III.

16 May 2024

sun moon

two views of Sun Moon Lake, the largest body of water in Taiwan

the lake is so named as it surrounds an island with the east side resembling a sun and the west side resembling a moon

an alpine national scenic area in Taiwan for Thursday Postcard Hunt

12 May 2024

a strong voice

 Sheikh Hasina, the longest serving Prime Minister of Bangladesh at 20 years (combined)

She is also the world's longest serving female head of government.  During her political career, she has endured 19 assassination attempts.

10 May 2024


 the sky has been having a moment...

anyone managing to see the aurora this weekend?

09 May 2024

a mighty river

Finding rivers on postcards turned out to be more challenging than I anticipated!

the Mississippi River (in Iowa)

and somewhere else, pushing the barges, which I think would be quite something to watch.

It starts in northern Minnesota and flows for around 2,340 miles (3,766 kms) on its way to the Gulf of Mexico.  Its total drainage basin is 1,151,00 sq mi (2,980,000 km2)
and now a detour for a musical interlude, The New Christy Minstrels

05 May 2024

industrial revolution

 1732 - 1792

Showing Arkwright's spinning machine and drawings.  Patented in 1769, this machine was too large to be used by hand and was powered by water.  It propelled the introduction of the modern factory system.

02 May 2024

watkins glen

Watkins Glen State Park is in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  A two mile hike will take you past 19 waterfalls.  Here are four of them.  Altogether there are 832 staircase steps, which should give you a good workout.

a waterfall tour that is definitely worth the challenge of the climb through the gorge.

28 April 2024

east and west

 Lobster season is now open on the east coast

which is good news if you are into eating, or fishing, lobster

and for a different good news story from the other side of the country,  kʷiisaḥiʔis (Kwee-sa-hay-is) or Brave Little Hunter


after a month of being trapped in a remote lagoon off Vancouver Island since her mother died on a sandbar, a young orca calf finally swam out to sea herself 

26 April 2024

lift me up

here is a happy (or nervous?) duck flying without benefit of a cable car...

received from Finland (2010)

25 April 2024

10 minutes

This is a 'cable car', though not quite what I was thinking of, but it still fits the theme.

I was thinking more along the lines of this, the Singapore Cable Car Sky Network ride from Singapore to the island of Sentosa.  It was the first ropeway system to span a harbour.  It is $3 (sgd) for locals and $15 (sgd) for tourists for the almost 15 minute ride, though I gather the cars look a little more modern than these 1960s ones.

One cable car that doesn't look any different from the original - in fact it is the original - is this 110 year old aero car that takes you on a 10 minute ride over the Niagara Gorge and the Whirlpool Rapids. There's no disembarking.  You get the thrill of the views, riding on an antique cable car, and because of the flow of the Niagara River you cross the international boundary four times.  All for $19.00 (cad)

Or, how about this aerial tramway.  It is in fact, the world's largest rotating tram car according to their website.  During your 10 minutes of travel, the cars rotate slowly, "offering picturesque and spectacular vistas of the valley floor below".  All for $30.95 (usd)

Sometime though, these things are called a 'gondola', as is this one in Banff with views of the Rockies that takes you up to the summit of Sulphur Mountain.  This ride is slightly less than the others, at 8 minutes.  It is also the most expensive, at $60 (cad)

Cable Cars, Gondolas, Aero Cars, Aerial Tramways
plus this one, posted earlier

21 April 2024

to slay or not to slay

April 23rd is St George's Day.  I couldn't find a stamp featuring that particular saint, but I do have a rather miserable looking St Augustine holding a model church

maybe he was wishing he had a dragon to slay

like this colourful creature, a Year of the Dragon stamp from Hong Kong

18 April 2024

travel on three wheels

A tuk tuk is a three wheeled bicycle with a seat in either the front or back for passengers, and an awning or umbrella for cover.


at some point, motorized tuk tuks arrived, making the trip much easier on the driver.

I've now exhausted my tuk tuk cards, so you all will be relieved to know this is a one off theme!

14 April 2024

the tree of life


a magnificient baobab that can grow up to 100 feet with a massive trunk that stores water from the rainy season.
for Sunday Stamps, an endangered tree that has been around for thousands of years

11 April 2024

touring in colour


Glasgow Corporation Transport
yellow cabs of NYC

  a cream coloured tram in Germany
truly a reason to visit Wuppertal!  it began operation in 1901

and, not to ignore the buses...

this "fall fantasy" is one of four seasonally decorated trolley buses from Dayton, Ohio.  

below, with a ubiquitous Mountie and a few tulips, is one from Ottawa.

some ways to get around the city for Thursday Postcard Hunt

10 April 2024


melt in your mouth cookies stuffed with a delicious walnut, pistachio, or date filling.  2024 edition of Eid stamp

07 April 2024

return of the sun

We are in the exciting grips (and endless media coverage) of Eclipse fever in my part of the world and are praying for a clear day - or at the very least, a clear hour between 3 pm and 4 pm tomorrow!

this is called 'return of the sun' by Inuit artist Kenojuak (1980)

and below, we have the Europa 'flaming sun' from 1972

showing the sun over Niagara Falls, Hopewell Rocks, and Spillars Cove in Newfoundland and Labrador
I have my glasses ready!  Happy viewing to anyone who is in the path of totality, or even in the outskirts (sorry, Eva!)

04 April 2024

on the water


from China

and a ferry from Hong Kong

or, for something a little more away from it all, a boat in cottage country

or, even more bucolic, an early sunrise in a canoe

31 March 2024

easterly things

I have shown this before, but as we have new people to our group, it is worth showing again.  This is a huge Pysanka sculpture.  It is 31 feet long and three and a half storeys high.  A colourful roadside attraction in Alberta.

For our food category this anniversary stamp for Nutella is most delicious
I thought I might be at risk of endlessly repeating myself, but then I found this Easter lily from Barbados



Happy Easter to all who celebrate