23 June 2019

Sunday Stamps - R

2003, US, Arctic Tundra
designer: Ethel Kessler
artist:  John D Dawson

It took some sleuthing to find information on this raven stamp as it is actually part of a sheet for the Nature of America series which were issued from 1999-2010. You can see the whole sheet here.
The other arctic animals are: a gyrfalcon, grizzly, vole, grey wolf, ptarmigan, grayling, ground squirrel, musk ox, and caribou.
The common raven can live for up to 21 years in the wild. It is also a highly intelligent bird and is revered as a spiritual figure in indigenous cultures of North America.

for the letter R - raven

22 June 2019

avoid fakes

Chocolat Menier was founded in 1819
 They began using advertising posters in 1893 featuring a pigtailed girl writing 'chocolat graffiti' using a piece of Menier chocolate

21 June 2019


Berlin 1933
Die Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtniskirsche from before WWII. 
Right, the Romanesque Cafe, famous meeting point of literary and intellectuals
in the background, the Zoological Garden
and back left, the Bahnhof Zoo

19 June 2019

a riviera

The Riviera Hotel and Casino closed in 2015 after 60 years. Its storied past included mobsters, bankruptcies, embezzlements, expansions, and finally, implosions.

18 June 2019

gateway to muskoka

Sadly, this gateway is gone
the current sign (2016)
which replaced this from 2003