vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

11 April 2024

touring in colour


Glasgow Corporation Transport
yellow cabs of NYC

  a cream coloured tram in Germany
truly a reason to visit Wuppertal!  it began operation in 1901

and, not to ignore the buses...

this "fall fantasy" is one of four seasonally decorated trolley buses from Dayton, Ohio.  

below, with a ubiquitous Mountie and a few tulips, is one from Ottawa.

some ways to get around the city for Thursday Postcard Hunt

10 April 2024


melt in your mouth cookies stuffed with a delicious walnut, pistachio, or date filling.  2024 edition of Eid stamp

07 April 2024

return of the sun

We are in the exciting grips (and endless media coverage) of Eclipse fever in my part of the world and are praying for a clear day - or at the very least, a clear hour between 3 pm and 4 pm tomorrow!

this is called 'return of the sun' by Inuit artist Kenojuak (1980)

and below, we have the Europa 'flaming sun' from 1972

showing the sun over Niagara Falls, Hopewell Rocks, and Spillars Cove in Newfoundland and Labrador
I have my glasses ready!  Happy viewing to anyone who is in the path of totality, or even in the outskirts (sorry, Eva!)

04 April 2024

on the water


from China

and a ferry from Hong Kong

or, for something a little more away from it all, a boat in cottage country

or, even more bucolic, an early sunrise in a canoe

31 March 2024

easterly things

I have shown this before, but as we have new people to our group, it is worth showing again.  This is a huge Pysanka sculpture.  It is 31 feet long and three and a half storeys high.  A colourful roadside attraction in Alberta.

For our food category this anniversary stamp for Nutella is most delicious
I thought I might be at risk of endlessly repeating myself, but then I found this Easter lily from Barbados



Happy Easter to all who celebrate

28 March 2024

crowning glory

 A rather unique style, Frida Kahlo was often seen with flowers in her hair as a symbol of fertility and her Mexican heritage.

Anna Pavlova

Here she is Princess Aspicia in the Pharaoh's Daughter for the Moscow Ballet, 1908

24 March 2024


uniforms were much more colourful and elaborate in days of yore

There was a time I was deeply into Gilbert & Sullivan.  I could probably still sing along to most of their songs.

some uniforms for Sunday Stamps

17 March 2024


this blue racer can only be found on Pelee Island (Lake Erie), which is the most southern point in Canada, but it can also be seen in the US in parts of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa.  

It is described as a the most graceful and swiftest of Ontario's snakes


I am not a collector of snake stamps, but I am a collector of Lunar New Year Stamps, so...

this is one from 2013

and 2001

14 March 2024

paris, texas

street wear for Thursday Postcard Huntfrom a 1977 photograph by Garry Winogrand, Texas

10 March 2024

dawn chorus

It is coming to that time of year when the songbirds arrive and I managed to find four examples singing their little hearts out

Latvia's bird of the year (2023), a nightingale,  and a white throated sparrow

northern cardinal

willow warbler

a different kind of music for Sunday Stamps

click on the bird name to hear a sample of their song.

07 March 2024


a 15th century widow, from Finland

from Japan

and from Kenya

for Thursday Postcard Hunt, some fashionably dressed women ahead of International Women's Day

03 March 2024



from Poland we have a convolvulus arvensis, aka field bindweed, or morning glory,

and a clianthus dampieri aka Sturt's desert pea, found in Australia

29 February 2024

built to last

from Slovakia, St Elizabeth Cathedral, the largest church in Slovakia.  Originally built in the 11th C, it was consecrated to St Elizabeth of Hungary around 1240.  As might be expected for a building so old, and so important, it has undergone numerous reconstruction phases which wikipedia outlines here

from Thailand, Wat Chaiwatthanaram, the Temple of Long Reign and Glorious Era,  It was constructed in 1630 by the king Prasat Thong.  The central 35 metre prang (spire) symbolizes the mountain Meru believed to be the core of the universe.

from Norway, an old wooden church known as a stave church.  Fewer than 30 of these medieval churches survive, and all are in Norway.