19 May 2019

Sunday Stamps - M

1999, Canada, mask
designer: Yves Paquin

A fiftieth anniversary stamp was issued for Le Theatre du Rideau Vert, Canada's first professional French theatre company which opened in Montreal in 1949. A mask of tragedy and comedy has an outline of the two actors who founded the company with Mercedes Palomino over the face of tragedy and Yvette Brind d'Amour over the face of comedy.
The masks of tragedy and comedy date back to the amphitheatres of ancient Greece. They were worn  as an exaggerated expression for the audience (some seated far away from the stage) to recognize the different emotions.

for the letter M - mask

18 May 2019


Lviv, City of Beer

If you are a lover of craft beer, then this is the city to visit. It has eight breweries, and a beer museum!

17 May 2019

la fee verte

Henri Privat-Livemont, 1896
Absinthe Robette was a brand of Belgian Absinthe named after the wife of the distiller Petitjean.

La fee verte - the green fairy - was a popular euphemism for absinthe. Inspired by the dancer Loie Fuller, she is illuminated by the colour of absinthe in its pure state: chartreuse. "Her tunic is ethereal; like Loie Fuller's scarves, there is but a wispy suggestion of material. The ribbons of fabric point upwards to the prepared glass of absinthe. The woman holds a steady gaze upon that raised offering in knowing anticipation of what will surely be a transformative moment. Wisp like emanations from the floral stalks and surrounding cloudy forms echo the turbid nature of the glass as water flows into the absinthe elixir. They allude top that moment when the absinthe will be transformed into an opaque libation, and all of its botanical olfactory notes will be released."


16 May 2019


Kaj Stenvall,
A Large Coffee, 1999

Some days I feel like this would be appropriate!