13 January 2019

Sunday Stamps - U

2015, Ukraine, Flora of Ukraine

Although the walnut plantations are small, Ukraine is among the top five exporters of shelled walnuts. The Dutch Royal Court values them so highly that they have been on the menu there for more than 20 years.

for the letter U - Ukraine

06 January 2019

Sunday Stamps - T

1948, Trinidad and Tobago, Silver Wedding

One may wonder what is going through the minds of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI as they posed for this anniversary picture. They seem to have the same expression; perhaps sending telepathic messages to each other...
I cannot find if they ever actually visited Trinidad, though Prince Edward did visit in 1920 as did his father, George V, as a child in 1880. The current Queen Elizabeth visited for the first time in 1966.

for the letter T - Trinidad and Tobago, three cents