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26 March 2022


The China Palace Museum (2015)

the Gate of Heavenly Purity

Five different images of the sun that we don't always see. from 2000.

for Sunday Atamps - se-tenant, selvage

20 March 2022


 Traditional Headdresses of Ukrainian Women

a souvenir sheet from 2006
Ubrus and fur cap (Kyivan Rus)
Kerchiefs (Kyiv)
Namitka (Western Polissia)
Garland (Poltava)
Kerchief (Hutsul)
Koda (Bukovyna)
Kerchief (Central Ukraine)
Ochipok (Poltava)
Namitka (Hutsul)
Ochipok (Poltava)
Kerchief over Ochipok (Chernihiv)
Garland (Ivano-Frankivsk)

Canada has the third most number of Ukrainians (behind Ukraine and Russia). William Kurelek (1927-1977) was born in Canada to Ukrainian immigrants. Four of his paintings of The Ukrainian Pioneer are on these stamps for the 100th anniversary of the first wave of Ukrainian immigration (1991). 

Family Before a Vast Forest, Farmer in a Lush Field of Wheat, Group of Emigrants on the Deck of a Ship, and Barefoot Girl Going Out to Beg for Food

For Sunday Stamps - Ukraine

13 March 2022

woolly and cute


There is something about the musk ox that makes me smile. Must be those curvaceous horns. The one on the left is from 1954 and the bottom one is from 1988.
He is shaped a bit differently from this wood bison, seen below from 1981, but the name musk ox translates to ugly moose, or ugly bison in the Woods Cree language

But enough of these big woolly creatures

we need something small, that coincidentally also makes me smile

like this red squirrel. They are noisy critters but so much cuter than the grey squirrels

For Sunday Stamps - animals

oops, sorry everyone. I'm going to blame the time change on this not posting earlier

06 March 2022

modes of transport

I have been watching the latest 'Around the World in Eighty Days'

and the balloon trip is the most iconic of the modes of transportation that Phileas Fogg and company took even though it only happened in the movies

Also not actually taken was the Flying Scotsman, though they did travel by train a few times.






They also travel by sailing ship, and steamers

and, of course, elephant

for Sunday Stamps - transportation