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28 December 2014

Sunday Stamps II - 2

issued 2012, Taiwan
Disney -Toy Story, featuring Woody the cowboy sheriff and the three eyed aliens
both valued at NT $5 (.18¢ CAD)

for next week - the first of 2015 - I thought a favourite stamp that makes you smile might be nice to feature. or, if you are up for the challenge, New Year's celebrations or astrology.

26 December 2014

21 December 2014

Sunday Stamps II - 1

Sunday Stamps the second edition begins now, 
just in time for Christmas - or the rarer Hanukkah - stamps
next week, we'll continue the theme (in a way) with toys
Looking forward to seeing your selections 

these stamps from the Netherlands remind me of when I used to do my own cross-stitch embroidery

14 December 2014


2012 Art Canada series
the domestic stamp features Fafard's bovine sculpture Smoothly She Shifted, the US stamp shows Dear Vincent and the international stamp has a trio of Fafard's Capillery laser cut steel horses
Sunday Stamps

16 November 2014

the zoo

PHQ, Landmarks A-Z, 2012
(PHQ = Postal Headquarters; ZSL = Zoological Society of London)

Sunday Stamps

02 November 2014


unsent, issued 5 November 1990

The Grand Mountain Zhurong
(written on back of card as The Loftg Peak of zhurong)

Mount Hengshan, near Hengyang City in Hunan Province, has 72 lofty peaks and winds for 400 km through seven counties and cities. The summit, Zhurong Peak, is 1,290 metres above sea level. Mount Hengshan is famous for its scenery and places of historic interest, such as the Seven Ancestors Daochang (place where Taoist rites are performed)

14 August 2014

imperial tower

Dexter Color

Point Clark Lighthouse south of Kincardine Ontario
Built in 1859, it is now preserved as a National Historic site. The stone tower is 85 feet tall and is one of six very tall tapering lighthouses dotting the Lake Huron and Georgian Bay shores. All of similar design they are known as the "imperial towers"

12 August 2014

motor lodge

sent Feb 13, 1960 Fort Myers Fla to Rockford Ill

Driftwood Motor Lodge and Howard Johnson's Restaurant
Air-conditioned, Steam Heat, Television in Every Room
Excellent Appointments - Swimming Pools - Shuffleboard - Putting Green - Tropical Landscaping - Close to Golf Course, Theatres - Fishing Parties Arranged - Near Edison Estate - Designed by Rufus Nims

We only moved 15 miles today. The stay on the island was wonderful. All kinds of shells. June went swimming three times. It was hot here 84º above. On our way to Key West now.
Love, Daddy

11 August 2014

big goose

unsent, circa 1965
The famous 'GOOSE' at Wawa, Ontario. Wawa is the Indian name for goose. This goose was made of steel produced at the Algoma Mines in Wawa, 140 miles north of Sault Ste Marie.

10 August 2014

Shakespearean Theatre

Utah Shakespearean Festival
Cedar City, Utah
Adams Memorial Shakespearean Theatre, crown jewel of the Utah Shakespearean  Festival provides setting for three Shakespearean plays chosen each summer to portray the wit and wisdom of William Shakespeare. Tours, seminars, orientations and exhibits round out the annual  season on the campus of Southern Utah State College, Cedar City, Utah

09 August 2014

08 August 2014

03 August 2014


Genuine Natural Color by Dexter Press, West Nyack N.Y.

02 August 2014


sent July 11, 1954 London to Lowell, Massachusetts (Burrows Travel Agency)
Piccadilly Circus is one of London's busiest centres, and is at the junction of several important streets. The Statue of Eros is seen at the centre of this picture.

Dear Beverly 
Having a swell time taking in the sights of London, Ken and Sany

01 August 2014

Thousand Islands

sent July 9, 1954 Gananoque to Toronto

Having a lovely trip. Taking life easy. See you soon, Dot & Fred

30 July 2014

pioneer village

Canada Geese on the mill-pond, Upper Canada Village. providence Church, Cabinet Maker's shop, Willard's Hotel and Blacksmith's Shop in background.

Upper Canada Village is operated in the public interest by the Ontario-St Lawrence Development Commission

29 July 2014

red rocket

unsent, 1978
Toronto Transit Commission A-13 class PCC car No 4742 on Broadview Aveenue, 1978. This car  is one of 48 Pullman-built PCCs the TTC acquired second-hand in 1952 from the Birmingham  Electric Co

28 July 2014

Cascades of Time

unsent circa 1968
BANFF MAIN STREET AND CASCADE MOUNTAIN as seen from the National Parks Administration Building. The beautiful gardens here are known as the Cascades of Time

27 July 2014

peeking out

Wild Dall sheep in Alaska - largest (but least populated) state in the U.S.A.  Alaska abounds in natural wonders, including spectacular scenery, plus polar bears, caribou and other wildlife.

26 July 2014

mail pouch

The Mail Pouch Building in Historic Jonesborough, Tennessee
Originally built in 1888 as a saloon, the building now houses The MAIL POUCH, s unique gift and craft shop. It is a reminder of the days when sign painters toured the country, covering barns and buildings with their handiwork.

The Mail Pouch mural is in excellent condition. It was painted in 1902 and re-discovered in the 1960s when an adjacent building was torn down. The 
saloon closed in 1904 when the town voted to prohibit the sale of alcohol.

25 July 2014

när Findus var liten

received July, 2014, Netherlands

Pettson och Findus - When Findus was little
Petty tells Findus how it was when he first came to him

22 July 2014

Sheraton Hotel

unsent circa 1970
Plastichrome Colourpicture
Sheraton Hotel
1725 Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia 191063
Completely air-conditioneed, 1,000 Rooms all with free T.V., 1000 Car Garage. 
Formal Dining in the Cafe Careme. Steaks and Chops in the Cheshire Cheese,
a London Chop House. Informality in the Wine Cellar and Town Room. Family Plan.

21 July 2014

St Peter's

received from Italy June 2013

I have never seen St Peter's Square so empty,
Ciao Nadine

20 July 2014


sent  May 11 1961 Immenstadt Germany to Toronto Canada

Immenstatd-Algäu, 731 m

message in German, but 'bed' is handwritten on front of postcard under the left hand window of house on right.

19 July 2014


unsent, circa 1910?
Anna Pavlova was the most celebrated ballerina of her time. Born in 1881 in St Petersburg, Russia she studied at the Imperial School of Ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre from 1891, joined the Imperial Ballet in 1899 and  by 1906 was a prima ballerina. After leaving the Imperial Ballet, Anna formed her own ballet company and went on tour, introducing her classical style of ballet to the world. She visited several countries travelling over 500,000 miles by boat and train and giving over 4,000 performance. She died of pneumonia while on tour in the Netherlands just before her 50th birthday. 

18 July 2014


Real Photo, The Hart Publishing Co, London, E.C.
The Grave of our Dreams


17 July 2014

ship in a storm

unsent, circa 1920s

Steamer in the midst of a Maelstorm while shooting the Long Sault Rapids, St Lawrence River.