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28 May 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 128

2013, Canada, Adopt a Pet series
illustrator: Monika Melnychuk
photography: Raef Miles

The background of these stamps shows a sketch of the dog's dream home. The animal models (there is also a parrot and two cats in the series) are actual shelter animals. The stamps were a partnership with the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies with a message to check out a local humane society or SPCA for a new pet.  

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21 May 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 127

2013, Canada
The Kitchen Sink 1919
photographer: Margaret Watkins

An unusual still life of domestic chores - a sink filled with crockery, a milk bottle and a jug. Ms Watkins used palladium printing paper which resulted in softer grey tones.

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14 May 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 126

2017, Canada, 100th Anniversary Vimy Ridge
designer: Susan Scott

This joint issue international rate stamp (France and Canada) shows the Canadian version on  the left with the French version on the right. The statues on the stamps are (left) of the Mourning Parent and (right) Canada Bereft. On the sheet is the monument (sculpted by Walter Allward) that serves as a grave marker for all 11,285 Canadian soldiers of all ranks whose bodies were never found. Also shown are the preserved trenches at Hill 45.

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07 May 2017

Sunday Stamps II - 125

1989, Finland, Christmas
designer: Paavo Huovinen

The Old Church at Sodankyla is one of the oldest timber churches in Lapland. It was built in 1689, but decommissioned in 1859 when a new stone church was built. It almost fell into ruins but in 1929 was restored and now is in use during the summer months.

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