30 January 2023

welcome to whitehorse


Welcome to Whitehorse Yukon, capital of the Yukon, mile 918 on the Alaska Highway, which begins at Dawson Creek, B.C.
Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon, offers complete services and amenities to the traveller.  Northern hospitality at its best.

29 January 2023

sunday drive

There is so much I love about this - the focus on the grilles, the positioning of each car in an alternate direction, and the odometer cancel. And, of course, the cars themselves, from the 1950s/early 60s: a Triumph TR3; MG TD; Austin Healey; Jaguar; Morgan Plus Four (issued 1996)

 and then these interesting beauties issued in 1993

Henry Seth Taylor Steam Buggy (1867); Ford Model T (1914);  McLaughlin Buick (1928); Russell Touring Car (1908); Studebaker Starlight Coupe (1950); Gray Dort Luxury Sedan (1924)

from Germany, a more modern car: a lovely blue Porsche circa 1965

something to consider for your Sunday drive

27 January 2023


Severe winter temperatures have given White River the reputation as Canada's coldest spot. This electronically operated thermometer, probably the largest in the world, stands 25 feet high and gives constant accurate readings.  Located at Bagdon's Esso Service Station on Hwy 17 at White River, 
it is a must for every sightseer.

25 January 2023

painted houses


Nyhavn (New Harbour), built in the 17th century and was for many years the seedy part of town with known for sailors, drinking, and prostitution.  It has now been transformed into an entertainment district.

22 January 2023


Larix sibirica, also known as Siberian larch

Abies sibirica also known as Siberian fir

some far away trees for Sunday Stamps

18 January 2023

exorcist steps


the 90 steps made famous in the final scene of the 1973 movie The Exorcist

artist: Carlos Carmonamedina

17 January 2023

best bird's eye view

The Akhun Observation Tower

Built in 1936 of limestone, the top is 700 metres above sea level.

15 January 2023

jazz hands


Oscar Peterson (1925-2007) jazz pianist & composer

Issued on his 80th birthday in 2005.  It was the first time a living person had a stamp commemorating them for themselves.

musical geniuses (Oscar Peterson and Count Basie)

some jazz for your Sunday Stamps morning

11 January 2023


Victoria Hall now used as a courthouse and concert hall

built in 1860 when it was believed that Cobourg would be the capital of Upper Canada

09 January 2023


Granby Street            Abbey Park Pavillion
Clock Tower
De Montfort Hall            Midland Station

08 January 2023



columns of basalt rock from lava that cooled at the right speed to crack and form these hexagonal columns

50 million year old granite






some geology for Sunday Stamps

06 January 2023

05 January 2023

small change

the Big Nickel
Big Penny

the big penny is no more, as is the penny which was pulled out of circulation in 2012

04 January 2023

off broadway

built in the 1920s, it outlived its heyday and was demolished in the 1960s

03 January 2023

winter falls

In some ways, I think it is more magnificent in winter than summer.  It's been quite the winter in these parts so far.

01 January 2023



Temple of Artemis a Roman temple built in the 1st century AD. Artemis was the patron goddess of Jerash

Gamzigrad, Felix Romuliana an ancient Roman  imperial palace built in the 3rd century BC. Gaius Galerius dedicated the palace to his mother Romula

some antiquities for the beginning of the year 

Happy New Year