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28 June 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 28

issued in 2012 for Europa series 'Visit'
this is one in a series of six minor lighthouses on the Isle of Man designed by local artist Tracey Dean

Douglas Harbour is located on the southern end of the capital city of Isle of Man, Douglas, and is the main commercial shipping port. The outer harbour has two jetties, four piers, eleven berths and an area designated for lifeboats.

for ports and harbours
In honour of the UK's 160th anniversary of the first pillar box, Joy has chosen our theme for next week - post/mail boxes, or anything postal themed.

27 June 2015

100 rooms air conditioned

unsent, circa 1949?
Miami Colonial Hotel
Facing Beautiful Bayfront Park,
Miami 31, Florida

Centrally located - Modern - Fireproof - Steam Heat - Air Conditioned Coffee Shop and 
Cocktail Lounge - Public Space - Sun Bathing on Roof Garden - Open All Year - 200 Rooms 
(including 100 air conditioned)

Centralement localizado - Moderno - Edificado contra fuegos - Califacción - Aire acondicionado Comedor y Cotel Lounge - Espacio para el publico - Soleadores en el Roof Garden - Abierto todo el ano - 200 Quartos (incluyendo 100 aire acondicionado)

a Genuine Curteich Chicago "C.T. Art-Colortone" Post Card

a Hotel for Sepia Saturday

21 June 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 27

The Mole and the Rocket (Krtek a raketa) 2013
Designer Zdenek Miler and Otakar Karlas (who adjusted the original design to fit the stamp)

Krtek, or Mole, is a cartoon character originally created by Zdenek Miler in 1956. Miler wanted his mole to be understood all over the world, so the cartoons have a distinct lack of dialogue, using instead non-figurative exclamations to express Moles's feelings and perceptions. Miler's own daughters did the voice-overs. The Mole and the Rocket was a 9 minute film made in 1965 where Mole crash lands on a deserted sea island and makes friends with a crab who helps him find the lost parts of his rocket. There have been around 50 of these short (approximately 5 minute) cartoons made with the last one in 2002. Miler died in 2011 at age 91.

for cartoons, or children's drawings

20 June 2015

a giant

unsent, 1939

Operates daily at the Underwood Elliott Fisher Exhibit in the Business Systems and Insurance Building at the New York's World's Fair. This huge machine, weighing 14 tons, is 1,728 times larger than the regular Underwood Master. It required 3 years to build. Each typebar weighs 45 pounds and the carriage alone weighs 3,500 pounds. letters are typed on 'stationery' measuring 9 by 12 feet, and the ribbon in the machine is 100 feet long and five inches wide. two box cars were required to transport the Giant to the World's Fair.

Sepia Saturday for typewriters

14 June 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 26

issued 1973,
featuring instruments and musicians for the series of Musical Instruments of Central and West Africa

13 June 2015

The Fleetway

unused, 1930's
The Detroit Windsor Tunnel is the second busiest crossing between The US and Canada. The first is the Ambassador Bridge - which is also between Detroit and Windsor. The bridge was completed in 1929 and the tunnel in 1930. Construction took about 26 months and was completed almost a year ahead of schedule and cost $25 million.

a tunnel for Sepia Saturday

07 June 2015

Sunday Stamps II - 25

Joint Issue Singapore and France, November 2013
graphic design by Ivory Seah of Singapore

There are four stamps in the set showing the 'sophisticated fashion in France and cultural costumes of Singapore'. 
Singapore's vibrant and multicultural heritage has allowed many traditional costumes to be still worn and commonly seen throughout the island, especially during the festive season.

for stylish clothing

05 June 2015

chess master

received 2014 from Russia (Postcrosser Anastasya)
Irina Zeniuk, cats playing chess

for Sepia Saturday

03 June 2015

book seller

received 2015, (from Postcrosser Femke, studying in Egypt)
Cairo (1925)

02 June 2015

Hamburg Harbour

received 2014, from Postcrosser Claus
Grüße aus der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg
Greetings from Free and Hanseatic Hamburg

01 June 2015

Avon River

The Festival Theatre
Stratford, Ontario, Canada
photography Robert C Ragsdale, 1970's