vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

25 December 2022

mother and child


The Lilienfeld Abbey was 800 years old in 2002
Manger scene (1979)
Genesis by Daphne Odjig (2002)

Merry Christmas to you all

18 December 2022



When I was young, we used to call the mittens with a string 'idiot mittens', Really, with the number of mitts and gloves I've lost over the years, that string would be handy (though a longer one, perhaps) These were illustrated by Jillian Ditner

Here we have Genevieve Godbout's wide-eyed Santa (2021)
a little bit of holiday cheer
for Sunday Stamps


11 December 2022


I have vague memories of riding a scooter when I was young,  it was probably similar in style to this Greek one.

I know I've never been on a skateboard. But, I find I'm enjoying watching it as an Olympic sport and almost wishing I were 12 years old again...


some big toys to entertain youth for Sunday Stamps

04 December 2022

many ways to cross


As much as I love bridges, I find them slightly terrifying to cross. Especially if they have a bend like this Kohlbrand Bridge in Hamburg, the second longest road bridge in Germany at a little over 3 km.

Then there are these uneven prehistoric Tarr Steps built of stone slabs. Or this ornate stone military bridge crossing the River Tay from the early 1700s in Aberfeldy. An empty M4 motorway with no one going into, or out of Wales. And, finally, the world's first major suspension bridge crossing the Menai Strait, built over 200 years ago.

no two bridges alike for Sunday Stamps