vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

31 August 2023

el avila

a 1960s view of a cable car at the top of El Ávila Mountain in El Ávila National Park, Caracas. It closed at the end of the 1970s and was finally reopened in 2000.

29 August 2023

a happy birthday


an oddly written card - no wishes, or greeting, 

just "A happy BIRTHDAY"

28 August 2023



a one way street in Chinatown, San Francisco, with the ubiquitous chop suey restaurant


27 August 2023


Gregory Hines, who died 20 years ago this month, was an actor, musician, and a celebrated tap dancer who started dancing on the stage at age five

Shirley Temple, who died nine years ago, was also an actor, singer and dancer who was the number one box office draw from age six to ten

two child show business stars for Sunday Stamps

25 August 2023

22 August 2023


Paris, showing a relatively empty public square in front of Notre Dame Cathedral


21 August 2023

canadian spans


The Thousand Islands International Bridge connects Ivy Lea, Ontario to Alexandria Bay, New York. It was opened in 1938 and is actually a system of five bridges and roads. The top postcard shows the different bridge styles: suspension, arch, and truss.

20 August 2023

cuteness overload

The giant panda is the rarest of the bears and among the most threatened. Being such a picky eater probably doesn't help. They are super adorable, though, and are a favourite of zoo visitors where they are loaned out for conservation and breeding purposes.

Another picky eater is the Koala. They were listed as endangered for the first time in 2022 when it was thought there were fewer than 100,000 left. The 2019-20 bushfires decimated many of Australia's animals. But, as with the panda, the loss of habitat is also a major contributing factor.

Both the panda and koala have been the 'face' of their respective home countries for many years.

two endangered species for Sunday Stamps

18 August 2023

ski resort

Blackcombe has a larger vertical drop than Whistler. It is the largest ski resort in North America

17 August 2023



Białowieża Forest, Belarus, Poland.  A biosphere reserve home to 800 bison.

16 August 2023

altamira palace

The Palmeral de Elche is the largest palm grove in Europe. Today, there are over 200,000 palm trees around the historic centre. This card shows the Altamira Palace which is currently an Archaeological Museum.

15 August 2023


 "Little Britain"

a peninsula in the northwest of France, known for its rocky coastline, sandy beaches, cliffs, and neolithic sites.

14 August 2023


 taking a rest from the hard work of gardening

I do wonder how they manage to find so much to laugh over!

13 August 2023



a good teacher can make all the difference to your school experience



 then, on to university, if that is your desire ... 

and if you can afford it.



back in 2002-2008 when this series was issued, it might have been a little more attainable than in 2023.

some education for Sunday Stamps
Next month, in addition to 'Sunday Stamps', we will start a 'Thursday Postcard Hunt', and all who are interested in participating are welcome to include a link to their post in the comments section. September will start off with Tourist Sites. For those who really like to plan ahead, October's theme will be Seasons (in backwards order): Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter

11 August 2023


Leipziger Platz featuring the flagship Wertheim department store. At 26,000 square metres, it was the biggest store in Europe when it opened in 1897.

10 August 2023



Shocking what is happening on the island of Maui with the fires

09 August 2023



constructed in 1879 and automated in 1987

in York, Maine

08 August 2023

little prince


received from the Netherlands

Right, here is my idea for a postcard challenge. There will be a general monthly theme with a related weekly challenge that narrows it down. There will likely be overlaps. And there will be repeats but with slight variations. If you don't have - or can't find - something for a specific week, feel free to post something from a different week two times.

Again, feel free to interpret the theme/challenge any way you wish.

This will be on THURSDAYS. I don't have a catchy name figured out yet.


06 August 2023


Easter Eggs from Poland

glass dome in the Romanian House of Parliament

glass window of synagogue and the embroidery pattern of the shawl

and a couple of snowflakes in a mass of geometric design
A big thank you to Eva for suggesting this theme of PATTERNS

05 August 2023