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27 June 2021

fathers of invention

At top left is George Klein who came up with, among many other things, the electric wheelchair and the Canadarm for the Space Shuttle.

At top right is Abraham Gesner who helped light up our world with kerosene.

At bottom left is Alexander Graham Bell best known for inventing the telephone, but he also came up with the metal detector and the hydrofoil. 

At bottom right is Joseph-Armand Bombardier who was the founder of Bombardier whose most famous invention was the snowmobile. 

for Sunday Stamps - inventions and discoveries

20 June 2021


Here we have a prepaid postcard version of the 2012 day lily stamp. There is also an orange one which I don't have. These day lilies bloom from June to September and I am seeing many of them in gardens as I walk around my neighbourhood.

These  have likely been shown before, but isn't an ice cream popsicle a perfect summer treat?

for Sunday Stamps - summer

13 June 2021


This 1988 stamp of the lynx doesn't show off the cute ear tufts and that is disappointing. It also makes me wonder if this isn't in fact a bobcat. His feet do look quite large and snowshoe like, but the coat is more of an orange colour with distinct marking making him look more bobcat like than the lynx which has a more grey coat with fewer distinct markings.

for Sunday Stamps - cats, big or small

06 June 2021


 For the millennium, this stamp of a peace dove is steel engraved and designed by Jorge Peral 
whose other Canadian stamps can be seen here.
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