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18 July 2021

inside, outside

It would have been around 1978, when this stamp came out, that I first joined a quilting bee. It did not go well. I so admire the work these quilters can create. And the patience they have to get it done!

In 1965, Alexei Leonov became the first person to do a spacewalk. The map of earth behind him is interesting, and probably not at all as he saw it.

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11 July 2021


A souvenir sheet from 2002 featuring a map of the Ramon Crater area of the Negev Desert in Israel with stamps of an ammonite, copper mineral, and a fish fossil. I can understand the fish reaching into the selvidge, but it would be a little disappointing  to be missing the edge of the stone or the ammonite on the stamp. The blue green gemstone is an Eilat stone of several copper minerals including turquoise, malachite, azurite and is the national stone of Israel. 

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04 July 2021

happy vegetables

As luck would have it, I received these happy vegetables from a Postcrosser this week.

These remind me of signs one of our grocery stores used to have in the produce section showing smiling fruits and vegetables with a "pick me, pick me".

a courgette and a potato
as well as a cabbage, cucumber and carrot

The stamps by artist Victor Chaichuk were part of                            14 vegetables issued on July 1, 2020

I will never understand the Belarusian postal rates as every card received seems to have different denominations of stamps. There is a stamp 'N' which has a face value for an international postcard, but here we have the cabbage which is 1 ruble and the carrot, cucumber, courgette are 5, 1, and 2 kopeks respectively. The potato is an  'A' which is a face value of a 20g letter within Belarus. My card had four courgettes and one of each of the others. And, not one of them was cancelled.

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