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31 January 2021


I thought wearing a crown might be heavy and awkward, but this basket maker has a much more awkward physical load on his head! From 1953.

It seems my poor 12 year old computer needs upgrades for photo editing. I hope to have this sorted by next Sunday. It will be a weight of my head and shoulders...

For Sunday Stamps - country names no longer existing

30 January 2021

24 January 2021


E Pauline Johnson (1861-1913) was a Canadian poet of mixed Mohawk and English heritage.  She was a poet, writer and performer at a time when dramatic poetry readings were popular. She was one of the few female writers at the time who could make an independent living from her writings and performances. She was also the first indigenous poet to have her works published. 

Tekahionwake was her Mohawk stage name.

For Sunday Stamps - poets or writers

18 January 2021


Le Petit Theatre Du Vieux Carre in the French Quarter of New Orleans, first opened in 1916. The courtyard is considered one of the most beautiful in the city.

17 January 2021

dressing table

This is a self portrait of Zinaida Serebriakova (1884-1967) . Titled At the Dressing Table, 1909. She was born into an artistic family of architects, painters, sculptors. Actor Peter Ustinov is also related to her.

For Sunday Stamps - women

14 January 2021


somptueues chevelure verte
sumptuous green hair

Leonard Cohen

12 January 2021

10 January 2021

up, up, and away


A spherical pressurized aluminum gondola took Auguste Piccard up into the stratosphere in for the first time in 1931.  He would make 27 trips upwards, finally reaching a record breaking 14 miles above ground.   It is possible that he was the first to see the curvature of the earth. Piccard was a Swiss physicist, inventor, and explorer (1884-1962).   He had a twin brother named Jean and they were the inspiration behind the name of Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

for Sunday Stamps - science

08 January 2021

mysterious rider

A majestic life sized horseman on a near vertical cliff from around the  8th century.

07 January 2021

most modern

All steel, Diesel electric ferry
Largest, most modern passenger and automobile ferry on the Mississippi River or its tributaries operating from New Orleans to Algiers, Louisiana by the Algiers Public Service Company, Incorporated

06 January 2021


Bauhaus, also known as the International Style 

Dessau, Germany

Bauhaus, also known as the International Style

05 January 2021


Wawa needed to have something to attract people to visit their small town after the new Trans Canada Highway diverted traffic. In Ojibway Wawa means 'wild goose' or 'Land of the Big Goose'. The goose (replaced twice) has stood here for 60 years.

04 January 2021

high level

It's been a very long time since horses were allowed on this bridge.


03 January 2021

wine and cheese

In 2006 when this set of wine and cheese stamps was issued, the Canada Post website claimed 170 wineries in Canada. That number seemed a little low to me. Now, there are over 800 registered wineries with well over 50 of them in the Niagara region where I live. The stamps shape represent wine labels and cheese wedges.

for Sunday Stamps - food/drink

02 January 2021


and I think we are about to be distracted
falling overboard in 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... CATURDAY