vintage and contemporary postcards and stamps from around the world

27 November 2022

d day


Designs from Germany

In 1960 East Germany had a Chemical Day to recognize chemists.

Dahlias from 2020

for Sunday Stamps - the letter D

20 November 2022


four photographers with examples of their work

a camera shop from 1937

some photography from the early 20th century for Sunday Stamps

13 November 2022



2009 featuring a close up of two figures from the            National War Memorial
 2021 has the iconic poppy front and centre
from 2020, a painting by First World War artist, Mary Riter Hamilton, Trenches on the Somme

for Sunday Stamps - Remembrance Day stamps

06 November 2022

rosy cheeked

International Year of the Child, 1979

some rosy cheeked children for Sunday Stamps