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29 August 2021

fast and furious


A Newfoundland Marten, a Blotched Tiger Salamander, a Blue Racer Snake, and a Swift Fox from 2006

The marten was once trapped for its fur.

The salamander is one of the largest in North America and likes ponds and wetlands that don't have any fish.

The blue snake, while not venomous, is aggressive and will chase you.

The swift fox now only occupies about 1/3 of its historic range.

For Sunday Stamps - endangered species


Mail Adventures said...

The blue snake is really frightening! This is a beautiful set, with that combination of stamps and labels.

A couple of endangered species on this post.

Joy said...

Nice variety of species. Mail Adventure is right to be frighted. I've never got over seeing the speed of massed racer snakes going after iguana in the Galapagos on Plant Earth, Steven King could not have done better and this was the lovely David Attenborough.
My endangered species are here

viridian said...

Here is my entry: