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04 July 2021

happy vegetables

As luck would have it, I received these happy vegetables from a Postcrosser this week.

These remind me of signs one of our grocery stores used to have in the produce section showing smiling fruits and vegetables with a "pick me, pick me".

a courgette and a potato
as well as a cabbage, cucumber and carrot

The stamps by artist Victor Chaichuk were part of                            14 vegetables issued on July 1, 2020

I will never understand the Belarusian postal rates as every card received seems to have different denominations of stamps. There is a stamp 'N' which has a face value for an international postcard, but here we have the cabbage which is 1 ruble and the carrot, cucumber, courgette are 5, 1, and 2 kopeks respectively. The potato is an  'A' which is a face value of a 20g letter within Belarus. My card had four courgettes and one of each of the others. And, not one of them was cancelled.

for Sunday Stamps - food


Mail Adventures said...

These are very cheerful!

I love vegetables, I have chose some edible plants for today's Sunday Stamps. See them on this post.

I cannot help with Belarusian postage rates :|

Joy said...

What fun stamps, I like the fact they have issued 17 - maybe a treat in store for you.
Unlike vegetables my food is possibly best eaten in moderation here

viridian said...

Ok I am stretching a bit here:

LiT Web Studio said...

This is a fun set! Check out my Still Life with edibles!

LiT Web Studio said...

Bob Scotney said...

Just right for 5 a day.
Fruit for me