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27 June 2021

fathers of invention

At top left is George Klein who came up with, among many other things, the electric wheelchair and the Canadarm for the Space Shuttle.

At top right is Abraham Gesner who helped light up our world with kerosene.

At bottom left is Alexander Graham Bell best known for inventing the telephone, but he also came up with the metal detector and the hydrofoil. 

At bottom right is Joseph-Armand Bombardier who was the founder of Bombardier whose most famous invention was the snowmobile. 

for Sunday Stamps - inventions and discoveries


  1. Very interesting stamps! I like that you show the whole sheet, with the selvage.

    My inventions, here.

  2. The wonder of stamps, the catchy Canadarm name has stuck in my mind from when it was one of the stamps I received on a Canadian postcard and wondered what it was. I never thought about who invented it, like the cogs.
    My inventions are here

  3. I had not heard of Klein and Gesner - interesting set for this sheet.
    Here's mine -

  4. My contribution is here:

  5. That's a wonderful set ... I always love to see a complete sheet, with full margins. By the way, in Italy, they prefer to credit Antonio Meucci with the invention of the telephone! Here's my post on Information Technology.