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20 June 2021


Here we have a prepaid postcard version of the 2012 day lily stamp. There is also an orange one which I don't have. These day lilies bloom from June to September and I am seeing many of them in gardens as I walk around my neighbourhood.

These  have likely been shown before, but isn't an ice cream popsicle a perfect summer treat?

for Sunday Stamps - summer


Bob Scotney said...

A beautiful flower. As it's raining today I'll give the popsicle a miss.
My summertime offerings are here -

Mail Adventures said...

My summer stamps are here.

Joy said...

Beautiful lily I'm always fascinated by the centers of flowers and its definitely Popsicle time. Poor Bob is on the wrong side of GB, it is a blue sky summer here on the west coast.
My summer is here

LiT Web Studio said...

Great image... puts me in mind of a Georgia O'Keeffe painting. Here are my Summer Butterflies.

viridian said...

My contributions is: