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13 June 2021


This 1988 stamp of the lynx doesn't show off the cute ear tufts and that is disappointing. It also makes me wonder if this isn't in fact a bobcat. His feet do look quite large and snowshoe like, but the coat is more of an orange colour with distinct marking making him look more bobcat like than the lynx which has a more grey coat with fewer distinct markings.

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Bob Scotney said...

It looks to be on the prowl.
My cats are here

Mail Adventures said...

I have also chosen lynxes, so I am glad to see another one :)

Joy said...

The lynx is a very elusive creature, even on stamps:)
My cats are here

LiT Web Studio said...

The lynx seems very popular this week! They appear in two of the stamps in my post too. Thanks for a great theme. Here are my Cats Big and Small

viridian said...

My late contribution is here: