15 December 2019

Christmas trees

The evolution of Christmas trees from 1781 (bottom) to 1881 (top right) to 1981 (top left).
designed by Anita Kunz

The Christmas tree was introduced to French Canada by the wife of a German general working for the British. Baroness Riedesel put up the first Christmas tree in North America in their dining room on Christmas Eve 1781, at Sorel Quebec. Her husband had been sent to Canada to help put down the American Revolution, and on that Christmas they were hosting a party for British and German officers after spending two years in captivity in the US. Those decorations included fruit and the tree was lit with candles. Later, by 1881, the decorations included toys and gifts. By 1981, the tree had its own specially made ornaments. (and no lit candles!)

for Sunday Stamps - Christmas (secular)


  1. Intereting to see the background to the introduction of the Christmas tree in Canada. I had always thought that it was German settlers who took it to North America.

    I'm in Canada too - http://bit.ly/34oDCW8

  2. Very interesting. Now I wonder who introduced the Christmas tree in my country...

    My Sunday Stamps.

  3. I like the horse bringing the tree. Candles on Christmas trees, mmm, wonder if one member of the family was designated as fireman.
    Snow has fallen on my stamps

  4. Love the vintage stamps and trees.

    On my blog entry it's almost Santa time It's almost Santa time