09 December 2018

Sunday Stamps - Q

1972, Umm al-Qiwain, Masks of Africa
designer: Gyula Vasarhelyi

Most of the African masks in this set are rather scary or gruesome looking (as I imagine they are meant to be).  I could find no information on the masks as to where they originated, or why this theme was chosen. Umm al-Qiwain, or Quwain as it is sometimes spelt (or spelled), is one of the United Arab Emirates. It is the least populous within an area of around 300 square miles. The designer, Gyula (also known as Julian) Vasarhelyi is from Hungary and throughout his career as a freelance artist, designed  more than 7500 stamps in 650 countries.

for the letter Q - Umm al-Qiwain 


  1. I don't think I've ever heard of this Emirate. And what a cool stamp!

  2. A very useful country name, as I also found.

  3. This is an odd illustration for the Emirates.

  4. A new Emirate to me - now I have to find out just where it is located.