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16 December 2018

Sunday Stamps - R

1976, Rwanda, African trees and shrubs
designer: J Van Noten

This Southern and Central African native tree, Ilex mitis, is commonly known as Cape or African Holly - or in the Kinyarwanda language of Rwanda as 'umunywande'. The stamp shows the tall, straight tree which can grow to 20 metres, and the leaves withe smooth edges which are unlike the traditional holly used for Christmas decoration in Europe and North America with its spiny leaves.

for the letter R - Republique Rwanda


Bob Scotney said...

Not a good week for me - I've posted 'P' again for 'R' and this is the second time I've tried to leave a comment
Rwanda always seems to have colourful stamps.

Joy said...

Holly tees seem to like being tall. I like the local name, it rolls off the tongue.

FinnBadger said...

Nice stamp, although I think the tree part nicer than the leaf part, so I wish the leaves were smaller and I could see the tree better.

Mail Adventures said...

Rwanda is a missing country for me. I would like to see that ilex in person!